Dear Mike Huckabee, You Are the Pimp

Stop Trying To Pimp #Beyonce #MikeHuckabee #MLTVrace


Dear Mike Huckabee,

I had the occasion today to listen to Beyonce’s entire self titled album with my tween and teen daughters on a road trip. Ironically it was just last night that I told myself I needed to do so after having watched your recent interviews on The Daily Show and The View calling her a corrupting force and labeling her husband her Pimp. I wanted to reaquaint myself with the year plus old CD so I could understand what all your fuss was truly about. [Read more...]

Stop Condemning Social Media and Start Teaching It

#SocialMedia Should Be Taught Not Feared #MLTVsocial

I’m really tired of hearing people complain about the social feeds of young people when they are doing nothing to teach those same kids how to engage in social effectively. I especially get frustrated when the complainers are people who don’t have any real social acumen themselves. How can you judge something you don’t even know how to use? [Read more...]

10 Stores Where Kids Get Holiday Cash Selling Old Treasures

10 Stores Where Kids Can get Holiday Cash #MLTVkids

My youngest daughter has been asking me daily, “When are you taking me shopping for Christmas?” Which is code for, “When are you paying for me to buy Christmas presents for everyone?” [Read more...]

Ferguson Injustice Puts Fear In My Heart-Holding My Black Children Close

#Ferguson Injustice - Holding My Black Children Close #MLTVrace

My daughter came to me last night. She was scared. She hadn’t had a nightmare. She hadn’t even been to sleep. It was reality that was troubling her, the reality of the injustice in Ferguson. [Read more...]

9 Parent Teacher Conference Must Haves To Advocate For Your Child


9 Must Haves For Parent-Teacher Conference Advocacy #MLTVkids #eduThis week I’m heading to my childs’ school for report card pick up and that education staple, the parent teacher conference. I’m ready for this dance because I have been talking to the teachers, advocating for my child and nipping problems in the bud, all quarter long. If you suspect there is a problem in your childs’ class and you are waiting until the parent teacher conference to address it with the teacher then you are late to the party. [Read more...]