And They All Fall Down; The domino effect of children and the recession

Dominoes are a great children?s game. Although when I was a kid I never new how to play it by the rules, but I used to love to line them up and watch the snaking patterns topple over one by one. That was fun! However, watching the domino effect of today?s failing economy is not. This recession isn?t childs? play, but children are certainly at the heart of it. Children are innocent of any blame for our current predicament, and yet they will shoulder most of the burden from the vestiges of this recession for years to come.

This week SV Mom Blogers across the Nation and in Canada had a unique opportunity to converse with the face of CBS Nightly News, Katie Couric. She told us about the new CBS series Children of the Recession, and how this unprecedented coverage came about. She said it was Dr Irwin Redliner, co-founder of the Children?s Health Fund, who first approached her about doing a network wide report about children and how they are affected by the recession. She was immediately hooked on the idea and went straight to Sean McManus, head of CBS. Sean gave the green light and the network was off and running.

This entire week CBS is taking it upon themselves, network wide, to make their viewers aware of the toll this recession is taking on it’s youngest victims, children. They are putting a human face on an enormously complicated situation, one story at a time. CBS?s coverage is shinning a spotlight on the domino effect of this economic turmoil. For example, child abuse cases are on the rise. That could be the headline, but the real story goes deeper. Because of our recession people are losing their jobs right and left, which is creating a powder keg of raw desperate emotion in people, especially parents. The problem is some of the people being laid off are the very caseworkers necessary to provide proper, early intervention for families in trouble. Without their guidance and keen eye children are left vulnerable, which in turn has given rise to the number of cases of child abuse.

Katie told us that the stories they are producing are told from the perspective of the children, but that this is just the first step. CBS’s commitment goes beyond this week. They want to hear from the public about their individual and community stories of dealing with this Nationwide problem. During our conversation with Katie we brainstormed about ideas for additional stories to help get to the heart of the difficulties real people are facing in these challenging times. We also discussed stories that will highlight the good being done by individuals and communities to tackle the issues head on. We were twittering through the entire conversation, #KatieCouricSVMomsgroup, because there was so much important information coming out of the discussion.

Katie Couric, CBS and the SV Mom Blogers understand that a domino effect doesn’t only have to lead to destruction, it can also lead to solutions. We can make advances, one story at a time, and hopefully create a ripple effect of good will that will snake across this country, enveloping us in hope.

Check your local listings for times of the various programs near you. You can also see rebroadcasts of their coverage on the CBS website.


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