Miss Lori says Goodbye to PBS Kids, but not to YOU!

For the last three years I have had the distinct honor to grace your televisions in the mornings as you get ready for school, for work, or a day of play at home. It?s been an absolute treat for me to do what I have been doing, what I have a complete passion for, in front of the viewing public.

So many parents have shared their personal stories with me over the years about how my presentations on PBS Kids helped their children discover talents or make new connections in thought, moving further along the road of discovery. I consider it an absolute privilege being a part of so many ?lightbulb? moments with parents and their young developing children. ?Miss Lori? is not a character that I play, it is the real life that I live. Miss Lori is me, a Mom first and foremost. I use my talents and abilities to help children and their families better their health and wellness, improving their lives overall. It is not only my mission, but my genuine passion.

Last Friday marked my final appearance on the PBS Kids Preschool Block, the series of interstitials in between shows such as Curious George, Super Why, Clifford and more, which I helmed for three years.

PBS and Out of the Blue Enterprises decided to move on with the show without me. Though I am sorry to see my tenure end I am thankful I had the time that I did. Rest assured, though I am no longer on your PBS station my commitment to Public Broadcasting is unwavering. I was raised a PBS Kid, I am a PBS Parent and I will forever be a PBS Ambassador for children and families across this Nation. I fully support the thousands of hard working, dedicated individuals who, sometimes by sheer will alone, bring programming to your local PBS stations without benefit of sufficient funding. I stand tall alongside all of them, and will continue to dedicate my talent and energy to keeping PBS stations and programming viable.

Never fear, I am still working hard, I am still creating media, I am still making appearances, and most importantly I am still, now and forever, your friend. Thank you for your trust, your support and for your love.

Let Your SMILE Shine On!

Miss Lori

Miss Lori can be found Musing from her Minivan at MissLori.TV , Wearetherealdeal.com and ChiacgoMomsBlog. You can also see her Activating to Be Great at Miss Lori’s CAMPUS on Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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