Miss Lori teams up with the #ReVampProject for a bootcamp workout burn

I am participating in a Total Results Training bootcamp workout session with some fellow bloggers. It’s a part of a greater #revampproject. I wasn’t going to participate at first because I didn’t think that I had the time. But the truth is, a regular fitness regime is just what I need, especially now that my intense Summer concert tour is coming to an end. So, lucky for me my friend MJ Tam, of Chicagonista.com and ChicagoMoms.com, was persistent and got me to the first class. Frankly, that’s all it took. I was immediately hooked. It felt so great to be outside with a group of women, just like me, sweating and struggling, but ultimately persevering. Comaraderie is a very strong draw. I feel safe in their presence which motivates me which in turn produces better results in my workout. Which is exactly the point.

During the first class in Eckhart Park I surprised myself with my endurance. I was able to run the entire lap around the park without stopping. That was really a shock because running has never been easy for me for more than quick sprints. By the end of the class, I was winded and sweaty, but still standing. I felt good. It wasn’t until later that evening that the soreness hit me. And boy did it hit me hard. I tweeted a very heartfelt an authentic “Owwwwwwww!” that night. The next day I got up and moved. Our trainer Ryan from Total Results Training had stressed how important it would be for us to move the day after to aid our recovery and break up the lactic acid. So I walked… the dog mostly., but at least I was walking.

When class 2 came around on Friday I wasn’t as completely stiff as “The Tin Man,” (although my body was creaking). Ryan did a very good job of mixing up the second workout so that I didn’t feel as though I was completely destroyed. He had us working counter muscles. And again I felt really good afterward. I didn’t even wince that afternoon when I had to go and do a solo concert for a preschool.  No, I wasn’t in unbearable pain, but I was unbearably exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open when I got home. I have no idea what my kids ate for dinner that night because I fell face down on my bed as soon as I got home. Ah sleep.

I woke up on Saturday and changed my routine. Ryan suggested that if we were interested in weightloss that it would benefit us to do some cardio work in the morning before we ate our breakfast. Doing it then capitalizes on our bodies natural “fat burning fast” while we sleep. I have always preferred working out in the morning, but could never really figure out how to get it in when I need to get kids up and transported to school. I just kept saying to myself, “it’s not possible.” Well, Saturday morning, armed with my new found confidence from our bootcamp, I got out my little portable stepper and I gave myself permission to do 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes to kick start my day. Nothing insurmountable. Start with small dose, right? Because the truth is all of those small doses add up to results ultimately. I have to admit I had to will myself to stay on that thing for the full 10 minutes, because all I could think of was the million and a half things I needed to do around the house before I left to do my WTTW Great Food Fan Van concert at the Willowbrook Whole Foods. But I persevered… again. I stayed on for 10 and a half minutes actually. Not bad for a nay sayer! I can’t wait for class number 3. Bring it on!



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