Miss Lori is not gleeked about latest GQ cover

Oh my goodness GQ and Glee! What were they thinking? Money. I know. That’s what it all comes down to these days. Forget what we owe our children in preparation for their future. What we can get now, today, is far more important. Right? Not the kind of glass half empty talk you are used to hearing from me huh? Well, I am really upset about this GQ magazine cover. I realize a great deal of my emotion is because I really love the show, and I love that I have been able to share it with my children. So, to have the cast members along with GQ trample on my trust feels personally violating. No, no illegal crime was committed, just a moral one in my opinion. These young actors are all of consenting age, yes, but they play high school students on TV. They dressed in scanty versions of their character’s costumes and appeared in sexually charged poses for GQ magazine. You can see the cover to the left. Notice the boy is fully clothed, but the girls are barely covered, beyond the boys’ hand on their ass…pirations. Yes, GQ is for adult males primarily, but the cover pops up when you google Glee, and the magazine is prominently displayed in most stores at child eye level. All accessible to the young people who largely populate the viewing audience of the show.

Yes, I know, many of you say why should GQ temper their artistic content with children in mind when it’s an adult magazine. Okay. Then let me back up and question why it is openly acceptable for a national magazine to feed a pedophile fantasy to it’s readers. Oh yes, I said pedophile. These girls are portraying high school students. Underage young women for the tantalizing viewing pleasure of the GQ adult male readers. What else would you call it?

So, what am I saying? (In case you are unclear)

We have got to take a closer look at our priorities. There is simply not enough money to sell out our children’s future, nor is there enough to compromise our young men. This cover was not necessary. It just wasn’t. GQ, you could have used the actors dressed as themselves, or in Halloween costumes, or as farm animals for goodness sake, just not as underage children. You still would have sold a lot of magazines and made money, just not at the expense of our children or our morality.

Just sayin’!



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  1. I just watched the Halloween/Rocky Horror Picture Show episode of Glee this weekend and I found it really ironic. The show itself grappled with the question of what material is appropriate for young people. The TV characters rehearsed a production of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but ultimately decided not to perform it for the public because the content was too risque. In other words it wasn’t necessary to expose children to such adult themed imagery. I wish they had had the same epiphany in real life as it pertained to the GQ magazine cover. Good judgment shouldn’t just exist in their scripts, they need it in their day to day operations too.