Miss Lori has six suggestions for beating back a cold this Winter

It’s that time of year again, the festive one filled with holiday parties, twinkling lights and cheer. What could possible bring you down? A cold, that’s what. Yes, Winter means the sound of jingle bells are in the air but they are in concert with coughs and sneezes. What’s a Mom to do? Because you know we aren’t allowed to get sick. Heck no, too much that needs to be accomplished, and never enough time to get it all done. But the fact of the matter is we do get sniffles and coughs and chills, that have the potential to grow into full blown body aches, fevers and coughing fits. I said potential. Don’t give up just yet, cuz we’re not going down without a fight. I certainly never do. Now I am not a doctor. (And I don’t even play one on TV.) I am just a gal who has very rarely been allowed to be sick in peace, so I have developed strategies for warding off some evil ills. This is just what I do, you should definitely consult your real doctor with any questions or additional guidance. (Dear lawyers and insurance agents, was that sufficient enough of a disclaimer?)

1. VICKS: Vicks is my fragrance of choice at night time. It keeps those nasal passages open,which makes a big difference for my morning. Plus the scent is very soothing to me. Lots of warm childhood memories associated with Vicks. Back before I was the Mom, and instead I had my Mommy to take care of me when I was sick. Ah the good ole days.

2. TEA TREE OIL MOUTHWASH: I prefer Melaleuca’s brand hands down. When I get a little itch or twinge in my throat, or worse yet a canker sore on my tongue, indicating something is brewing I start gargling with tea tree oil mouthwash right away. Instant disinfectant. I find that within 24hours I feel relief that lasts.

3. GUAIFENESIN: Guaifenesin has long been the singers’ secret weapon. Why? Because it thins out your mucus and keeps things moving so that your voice and vocal cords stay moist and supple, not obstructed. Even if you only sing in the shower Guaifenesin will still work for you. When I start to feel that metal taste of the beginning of an illness I take some Mucinex before I go to bed. Why before bed? Because when you are lying down mucus stagnates naturally. If I keep things moving throughout the night, I have a better chance of waking up feeling like I am behind the wheel instead of under the bus. I keep a huge bottle of Mucinex from Costco around. Plus a smaller bottle in the car. I also encourage my kids to take it when they start snorking. (Important note. I take just Guaifenesin. I don’t take it in combination with any other drugs.)

4. AIRBORNE: I have always used Airborne. However, during my teaching days and when I was traveling every weekend, I was using Airborne by the truck load. I still rely on it. As soon as I feel that slight flush of a cold I start drinking Airborne a couple of times a day. It’s like mainlining Vitamin C and other immune boosting vitamins, minerals and herbs. Every body needs immune system armor and that’s what I think Airborne is for me.

(Other supplements I turn to regularly: Zinc, Garlic, Vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin C, Chromium, St John’s Wart and Green Tea)

5. WARM SLEEP: Never underestimate a good pair of socks. keeping out the chill is extremely helpful. Whenever I start to feel the gnaw of a body ache I turn on my electric blanket and burrow under the covers. Eradicating that chill from my body. Telling it that there is no room for the dark clouds of illness, only the warm sunlight of health. Yes, I actually talk to my body. Don’t you?

6. WATER: My number one defense is Water. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Yes, it’s worth repeating. Listen I have had to perform with a 103 degree fever  before, because, well, the show must go on. (Kind of like being the Mommy.) Flushing out my system goes a long way for me. If I am really feeling crappy I will forcefully flush myself by drinking large glasses of room temperature water back to back. My effort is to override my system with water, hoping to wash out some of the stuff that’s making me ill. I mix in some One Active coconut water for good measure, so that my electrolytes stay stable, but it’s really about that almighty water. For prevention of illness, maintenance of health and remedy for ills drink water. Cheers!

So those are my tricks what are yours. I am always looking for more ways to beat of illness. Let’s help each other stay healthy this season.



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