Miss Lori has a list of 75 twitter thank you’s on the last FollowFriday of 2010

2010 has been quite a year for me, with serious highs and lows. But through it all I have had some fantastic, inspiring, hard working company. On this very special, final Follow Friday of 2010 I want to acknowledge some people who I think you should take notice of.

  1. @PDeeeDixon My lawyer, my confidant, my sister, my friend and one of the smartest woman I know. I swear my IQ goes up a few points every time we converse.
  2. @Lainey I simply don’t see this lady enough even though she lives less than two miles from me, but I still count her among my closest and dearest friends.
  3. @LizStrauss The Lady of the net. I don’t know how I became lucky enough to be in Liz Strauss’s friend circle, but I will guard my post with my life! A special thanks to her for hooking me up with Matthew from ReadingEggs.com.
  4. @ChrisBrogan Loved chatting with Chris at Disney. So thankful that he took the time to come and sit with me one night. Such an easy going, insightful human being.
  5. @Chiefexecbear (Maxine Clark) There aren’t enough words of praise to describe my admiration for what this lady stands for personally and professionally. Thank you for including me in your sphere.
  6. @DanielleSmithTV Such a beautiful lady inside and out. I want to move to St Louis just so I can be her neighbor.
  7. @KimMoldofsky My suburban Chicago connection. Thanks for your counsel always.
  8. @NicoleGSimonds For being a shinning example of selfless living.
  9. @HollyRPeete For proving you can not only have it all, you can do it all well.
  10. @NYCityMama For being so down to earth and approachable
  11. @Afrobella For always having an answer for my ever hair question and being a true beauty inside and out.
  12. @JusticeFergie Thank you for your kind help with my FTC post. I appreciated your selfless phone call. Also thanks for throwing the conference of the year!
  13. @MorethanMommy For letting me scream ridiculously on the Dinosaur ride at Disney.
  14. @Houseonahillorg My Chicago girlfriend. Always quick with the ReTweet. Tall ladies unite!
  15. @BookieBoo For being such an energizing force. I only wish I was her neighbor so I could draw from her example live and in person every day.
  16. @LucretiaPruitt For always leading by example well.
  17. @KimOrlando @TravelingMoms @ResourcefulMom @MomitForward For letting me twitter party with you.
  18. @PandaLicoriceUS For sharing your scrumptious licorice with me for the Oscars!
  19. @MyChicagoMommy Another fellow Chicagoan who came to many of my concerts with her lovely children. Thanks for your unending support. “Hit it Mister Brandon!”
  20. @Mariapilarclark For always having a supportive thought. So glad we were finally able to connect in person this year.
  21. @Stressfreekids For providing such great and useful materials to stressed out families like mine!
  22. @1800baskets The man behind the baskets…and now the flowers too. Such a hard worker. I loved creating exciting events with you this year.
  23. @CarissaRogers My bestest date.
  24. @BethRosen Love Love Love my Beth. Such great energy to match her enormous heart.
  25. @NancyLoo For setting the gold standard for how a reporter should report.
  26. @MJTam Such a creative energizer bunny dynamo of social media. Love our impromptu creative sessions in the park.
  27. @DuongSheahan Such a classy lady.
  28. @littletechgirl My penultimate dance partner!
  29. @ScrappinMichele My Blogalicious roomie. Thanks for sharing your reservation with me.
  30. @Military_Mom For taking the time to reach out when you certainly didn’t have to.
  31. @WholeFoodsChi @WFM_Sauganash @WFMHinsdale @WFMEvanston @WholeFoodsNaper @Kohlchildrensmu @BordersChicago @Brookfield_Zoo For being such great hosts of my Chicago WTTW concerts.
  32. @Adisneyfamily My Chicago peep! We kept each other company at many an event this year. You have a great smile!
  33. @Leannej The dynamic woman at the heart of the wildly successful Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I have enjoyed conversing with you on all things Disney. You are Disney magic.
  34. @Readingeggs I was so honored to represent ReadingEggs.com as a spokesperson for their National Learn to Read Challenge this year. Such a well thought out sight that has helped, and will continue to help many children fall in love with reading.
  35. @KodakCB I <3 Kodak, but especially Jennifer Cisney. From the Oscars, to Bloger, to the Kodak Vlogger Challenge, we have had quite a year!
  36. @vistaprint & @jeffespo So thankful for the cards they supplied me with at the Oscars. I have been a loyal customer ever since.
  37. @Sqoneorganics Not only a great supporter of my WTTW tours this year, but she became a great friend. And an awesome tasting company to boot.
  38. @lifeway_kefir @Better_Oats Thank you for your support of my WTTW tours.
  39. @windycitysocial For inviting me to speak at your Summit.
  40. @kenmoreconnect My Wicker Park connection. Always ready with a good chuckle.
  41. @samuelmonnie Love trading barbs with Sam. Such a delightful human being very generous with all that he has to offer.
  42. @BrandAboutTown For bringing me into the fold as a Nintendo Brand Enthusiast.
  43. All of the ladies at @clevergirlscoll Such collaborative hard working women. Proud to be a part of the collective.
  44. @Xanpearson A new friend for my roster. Love our conversations. So effortless.
  45. @Mizfitonline The perkiest woman I know. Such a delight.
  46. @itsRamel For always having a song to fit my mood.
  47. @TheLocalTourist My fellow 40 year old Taurean! The woman who knows all about Chicago.
  48. @Wildfirerest For being my absolutely favorite restaurant in Chicago. Such a gracious and delicious host.
  49. @ConnieBurke For being the life of the party. Always supportive and interested in goings on.
  50. @LaneBryant For outfitting me so beautifully at the Oscars, and Blogher, and for sharing their fashion vision with me at their conference.
  51. @KellyOlexa So bright. So funny. So entertaining. Soooo need to get together for lunch!
  52. @JonKurozawa For helping my daughter with a school project at the last minute.
  53. @ShiftC For always popping up in my stream with a kind word or cheerful hello.
  54. @Ramon_DeLeon For showing me how to make the most of my social media presence.
  55. @wiredprworks For the great photo you took of me at the Kenmore Live Studio. And in general for always adding great conversation to an event.
  56. @TOCKids For always providing great insight into opportunities for my kids and me in Chicago, and being so kind as to include me in their publication.
  57. @MySears and @kmartdesign For letting me showcase their store changes in an AWESOME giveaway on my site.
  58. @rolemommy For being a great song collaborator.
  59. @NBCZoraida For keeping me in the know in the morning.
  60. @MollyLynch For bringing great things my way. Maybe in 2011 we can finally start that book!
  61. @raelt For constantly reminding me how precious life is.
  62. @oceanisleinn For welcoming me into their fold and hosting such a fun Miss Lori concert weekend. I hope we can do it again.
  63. @reallifesarah @onemomsworld @CarolinaMama For allowing me to be an honorary North Carolina mom. And for joining me with their families at my Ocean Isle In concert.
  64. @MauraHernandez @JenChicago @NicoleYeary @Momrenewal Are great new Chicago Friends that I hope to get to know better in 2011.
  65. @MomTalkRadio For showing me how to be a fantastic, approachable, self-made business woman.
  66. @MyGoMom For always being delightful to be around. I just wish I got the chance to be around her more.
  67. @CarlaYoung for being so smart. I hope we will finally get to work together in 2011.
  68. @ATTJessica For always responding in earnest to my inquiries.
  69. @Military_Family For allowing me the honor of bringing attention to Operation Purple.
  70. @cricketnation For asking me to be a judge of their admirable Chicago Community Voices Grant Program.
  71. @SugarJones @rockandrollmama For being such great, (Wild and Crazy), companions at the Oscars and Blogher.
  72. @ChicagoMoms For giving me an online neighborhood to belong to.
  73. @shaunssanctuary An old friend who has done so well. I am proud to have known her when.
  74. @Bloganthropy For inspiring me to do more better.
  75. @BarackObama For proving that my children can grow up to be anything.




Please feel free to add any people you are thankful for on twitter this year in a comment. Let’s say thank you loud and clear.

Miss Lori can be found Musing from her Minivan at MissLori.TV , Wearetherealdeal.com , YoungChicagonista , ChicagoMomsBlog , and ChicagoMoms.com. You can also see her Activating to Be Great at Miss Lori’s CAMPUS on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. Danielle Smith says:

    Ok – this is too much fun – I am so delightfully honored to be on your list!! Happy New Year my friend – thank you for including me – do wish you live in STL! Wishing you nothing but success and joy in 2011.

  2. Thanks for including us! We love you too! <3

  3. Miss Lori,
    Thank you for including me in your last #FF of the year. It’s really an honor. It was wonderful to finish the year celebrating with you at L’Eiffel Bistrot!! Happy New Year!

  4. You sleep?! LOL


  5. It was such a pleasure to kick off my Summer with you and your family. It really set the tone for the rest of the Summer. Such a joy. I hope we can do it again very soon.


  6. We have to stick together, us crazy musical mamas. No one should be left out in the cold ever. I sincerely hope we have more chances to spend time together this coming year. You an amazing woman and I long to get to know you better.


  7. LORI! What a lovely list, and great company to be in!!! You scored a place in my heart forever on that cold, wet night at Disney when you brought my family in from the outside table to share yours…”It’s too cold out there, follow me!” Then I was double blessed to hang with you at the Oscars and subsequent Diner adventure.:) You’re such an energizing force and bright spirit, and I’m grateful to have met you in 2010! Best for the future- xoxo, L

  8. Jen @ One Moms World says:

    Lori… you provided our family such fun summer memories that we will all hold our heart dearly. The girls still talk about the Ocean Isle Inn Concert. You rocked it. It was such an honor to spend the weekend with your wonderful family at Disney and at Ocean Isle Inn. Keep smiling on as that is our fun motto of the year all thanks to you. You are a terrific soul and I am so glad to call you friend. Happy New Year!

  9. Leah @Bookieboo says:

    Ahhh, so nice to wake up to this. Thank you for including me! I’m honored. Really. Xxoo

  10. Thanks for the kind and loving words my dear. I appreciate you greatly.


  11. CarolinaMama1 says:

    Lori, you teach us all to Smile On!!! It was our privilege to have you Live in Concert! at the Ocean Isle Inn Concert this Summer! with your adorable family! You are a class act in so many ways, mom, performer, blogger, vlogger, friend! I was honored to see you here in NC! You’re always Welcome! Cheers to the New Year!!