Miss Lori is on the open road in a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid

As a mother I spend most of my time in a car. No, really, I actually tallied it up one year. I spend more hours in my car then I do sleeping. (Well, that’s not counting the time I spend sleeping in my car, but that’s another story.) That is why it is so important to me to profile cars so that families can experience their options vicariously through me and my kids before they make a decision to buy or lease themselves.

This week I am driving a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid.

My first time behind the wheel of this car wasn’t for a short trip, instead I packed my kids and my mother in the Tahoe and we drove 5 hours to Ohio. (Trial by fire.) I was initially concerned that despite the third row in this car my family wouldn’t fit comfortably, luggage and all, because there is very limited trunk space. But I was wrong. All I had to do was remove one of the backseats and voila, “let there be space!” It was super easy by the way. Just 1-2-3 lift.

Once everyone was packed in it was time to take off. The monkey’s were ready to do some “monkey bizness!”

The ride was extremely smooth. I never had to worry where I was going because the navigation system guided me step by step, no problem. Everything was right at my fingertips. Which was great, most of the time. 😉

After watching, (well I was listening), to Zoom, Nim’s Island, and half of Little Manhattan we made it to Ohio. Not just in one piece, but happy and energized. Although the ride was so pleasurable that after I unloaded my kids and the luggage I considered staying in the car a little while longer, just me.

The best thing about the trip to and from was that I didn’t even have to gas up. I was able to make the 300 mile trip using just under 3/4 of a tank. I averaged about 19.3 mpg. Pretty nice.

Now what I want to better understand is what “Hybrid” means for this car. How does it effect my gas mileage? I can tell that it does, but I want to learn exactly how. So, stay tuned that will be my next round of videos, how this car works, and how I can best work with it.

If you have any questions about the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid please be sure to post them here. Together we will explore all that it has to offer, and determine if it is the right car for either of us.



* Level 1: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

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