Miss Lori was a fit model and now you can be too, for Lane Bryant!

I originally posted this article on WeAreTheRealDeal.com in December 2010. I am re-posting it here today because Lane Bryant is still searching for their new size 20 fit model. Don’t be shy, apply. If you don’t I might just have to relocate to Ohio and take the job myself! Your destiny is calling!

I have had a number of interesting jobs over the course of my life. That’s pretty typical for gypsy actors,( as I like to think of myself). I have been a morning attendant at Blockbuster in Milwaukee, Bingo the Clown at the Ground Round n Boston, and the choreographer at a gentleman’s club in Downer’s Grove. (I said choreographer, not dancer. No pole dancing on my resume. Sorry to disappoint.) But one of my favorite out of the box jobs was as a fit model for Spiegel E Style here in Chicago. I didn’t fall into the job, I sized into it. I had the specs they were looking for, a car and flexibility in my schedule. So, voila, I was a model… finally! (Okay the only photos taken were polaroids, and they never went farther than the design room floor, but let’s not quibble.) It was a great job!

I got to experience fashion from inception. I learned about fit; what different pulls and wrinkles really mean, and what styles would look best on me in real life. I couldn’t wear the fashions I was being fit for because though I was considered to be the right “fit” for the job, I didn’t actually have the exact specs they needed. So, we adjusted me a little to make it work. My waist was an inch too small, (Ha! I haven’t heard that in a while!), so they built me a pad to wear to bring me up to spec. Then my hips were a half an inch too big, so I wore girdle shorts, ( yes, this was pre Spanx), to bring me down to spec. They also had to constantly remind themselves that my arms reached a couple of inches longer than most of their female customers. Crazy right? But it worked. For over a year actually, and I had a blast while it did.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because if you live in Columbus, Ohio you too could have a chance to live a models life just like I did. Lane Bryant recently posted a notice on their facebook page searching for new, size 20 fit models. To fit this job you need to stand between 5’5 and 5’7 with good posture, have a bust size of 44″-46?, (which is approximately a 40D bra), waist 38″-40?, and low hips 46″-48?. If the numbers add up you might be get to stand up in the design room at Lane Bryant, having the latest plus size fashions ideas draped over you. Not a bad day’s work huh?

Obviously many of you won’t be able to apply for this job, but I would sure love to hear about others you have held. It’s only fair, I told you mine. ;)



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