Miss Lori says food isn’t a reward you earn

Do you ever get mad, mad that you can’t eat what you want to? I get so pissed off sometimes because I can’t just be free to pick my food without having to silently calculate the calories in my head. That I can’t simply choose a meal based on what I have a taste for, but instead I have to choose a meal based on what my thighs can handle.

I am a good person, who works hard, day in and day out, to do right by others, and my family. Why can’t I have a piece of fricking birthday cake?! Why do I have to give up pizza, popcorn, appetizers, the bread bowl and wine, ( THE WINE!).

But that’s just it, food is not a reward. We aren’t entitled. Nothing that we do gives us the right to stuff our faces. That’s what got our country into this mess of obesity in the first place. Now, I am not saying that you have been eating nonstop, or that your are glutinous, (my SAT word for this post). I know that I haven’t been either of those myself. Mostly what got me into my weight predicament was stress; stress from having to work harder, sleep less, and workout next to ever. But eventhough the weight that I have put on in the years since I started having children was from trying to do more and better for my family doesn’t mean that I get a pass. I have to work just as hard to take the weight off as someone who put it on planted in front of the TV eating Cheetos. As my kids would say, “That’s not FAIR!” Yeah, well, so what! This isn’t about fair, this is about what you have to do to change your life, period.

That’s what I remind myself of as I fight my way throughout this Mamavation journey. That doesn’t mean that I always win the little battles, you know the one’s at night, after you’ve had a particularly frustrating day, and the only thing that you think will make life right is a bowl of air popped popcorn, with melted butter and salt. (Well, maybe that’s just me). Just because I don’t win every battle doesn’t mean I can’t ultimately win the war. Slow and steady… I will get there, even if it means that I can’t consistently enjoy the meals of my dreams. But if I get healthier, ostensibly I will be around for more years to at least have a few of those meals occasionally.

What are your food weaknesses/frustrations, and how do you deal with them? Lets help each other win a few more battles!

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  1. Hey lady,

    Good job taking responsibility for your snacking. You’ll have fun finding other rewards. Like grabing a new wardrobe. :)

    Good luck this week.

    Miss Shannan