Miss Lori says the Buick Enclave is luxury you will pay for at the pump

Let me shout it out: “I loved riding in the 2011 Buick Enclave!” When it arrived at my door I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I slid in behind the wheel and I melted like butter. The leather was so soft, the detailing was so warm. I felt stylish, beautiful, ACCOMPLISHED! Driving around I forgot who I was and what wasn’t in my bank account!

Picking up my kids was an extra special treat. One look at the Enclave and their jaws dropped. My youngest literally squealed when she got in and saw the second sunroof. So much sun, so much space. Then we picked up my parents from the train station to goto the Nettlehorst School Brain Fair...HEY NOW! My mother was cooing like a dove, (not at the brain fair at the car), and my father was nodding very approvingly. (That means an A+ in Papa speak.) It was heaven!

It was heaven…that is until I switched the panel display to show me my gas mileage…then the air rushed right out of my fantasy balloon.  14.2 MPG!

Nooooooooooooooooooo! Say it ain’t so. But it’s so pretty. Yes, well sometimes pretty things aren’t good for you, (or at least not your wallet.) While it is true that the Buick Enclave sports some AWESOME design perks; luscious seating, beautiful styling, phenomenal space, ample light, and fabulous connectivity, all of the goodness will cost you at the gas pump. If that’s not a problem for you then by all means I encourage you to get to a dealer and try one out for yourself. However, for me, a mom of three ever growing kids, with a mortgage, a business and debt to be hacked through, I can’t afford to run through gasoline like water. No dehydrated cars for me. I need to drive a camel!

So, I bid you adieu you heartbreaker you, Buick Enclave. You swept me off my feet for a week. It was AWESOME! But now I must return to the ground and hit the pavement once again in search of an economical answer for my family’s driving dependency. We’ll always have the Brain Fair.



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