Miss Lori is counting her 14 blessings of age 40 before her 41st birthday

For the year leading up to my 40th birthday I did a count down. Well, not actually a countdown more of a count up. I wasn’t intending to do anything big. And I wasn’t really doing it for anyone but myself. I was doing it because shortly after my 39th birthday I felt as though my life was blurring, or more specifically my days were blurring, blurring together. A run on sentence of days minutes and hours. So to combat that I started acknowledging each day on my facebook page. Day 1 of the year of 39. Day 12 of the year of 39. Day 145 of the year of 39. That’s all, nothing extravagant. Just a few words and number to separate each day from another. It didn’t stop all of my weeks from bleeding into the other, but it did help to change the way I looked at my life…at least I would like to think that it did.

Well, my year of 40 is now 351 days old. I have 14 days left until I turn 41. I feel as though I need to do something to honor this transition. Since listing 41 wishes for the next year would be entirely too long for me, not to mention you. I have decide to do some creative mathematics and just reverse the numbers, highlighting 14 wishes. But to get something you need to give something, give thanks to be more exact. So if you will indulge me for the next 14 days I am going to post something that I am thankful for  from my year of 40 and something that I wish for for the year of 41. A blueprint of the past that will hopefully guide me on my path in the future.

Here we go. Number 14:

I am so thankful that in my year of 40 I embraced my mission of last Summer to take more notice of my health and put myself first more often then I had been. I saw my doctor regularly. I got blood work done. I got my heart monitored. I took more vitamins and, I added more movement and exercise to my day. I also, and this is most important, found a way to appreciate the Lori I see in the mirror. I may not yet be the size that I dream of, but I look good anyway. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

As I embark upon the year of 41 my wish number 14 is for a treadmill. I know, pretty basic huh? I wish for a treadmill because I truly wish to continue on my path of better health forged in my year of 40, but with more success, and specifically a lot more sweat. The best part is it wouldn’t just be a gift for me but for my children. Having a mother in better health means that I can do and be more for them. But more literally, having a treadmill in the house would mean that they too could do more for their health and training. I have some serious athletes in my house and to keep them conditioned and safe from injury they would do well to sped time on the treadmill. (Heck even the dog could go for a run!)

So there you have it, my coutdown from 40 and my count up to 41 has officially begun. Thanks for joining me on this ride.



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