Miss Lori gives thanks to age 40 and shares her 13th wish for age 41

My 41st birthday is just 13 days away. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I am taking these final 14 days of being 40 to reflect upon what I am thankful for in particular from this last year and what I wish for in the coming year. A simultaneous countdown and count up if you will. Here is number thirteen on my list:

I am thankful that in the year of 40 I was was able to create special opportunities so that I could take my kids individually on trips.

First in June of 2011 I surprised my daughter Kaiann with a trip to NYC. I had to go to the big apple overnight for a business meeting prepping for my work with ReadingEggs.com. Because her grandmother and Aunt were able to come into town for the day from Philadelphia, I was able to bring her along, and she was able to take a tour of the city that never sleeps. We saw the Broadway show In The Heights, talked with Corbin Bleu and Christopher Jackson, and we even crossed paths with my old TV compatriot John Tartaglia who was in town working on his show Imaginocean. Then we walked 30 blocks back to our hotel amongst the street lights and crowds of Summer tourists. It was a dream come true for my budding starlet! She still talks about it fondly today.


Then in July I was able to bring my son Skyler with me to Orlando as my roadie. I had concerts at the Orlando Reperetory Theatre. I couldn’t handle the job alone, so he came along with me to help me with props, music and crowd control. We were even able to get over to Disney for a few hours of touristy fun, (in the blazing hot sun no less). However, I am pretty sure his favorite part was the shopping spree I took him on at various Nike outlet stores. Boys and there bball clothes!




Now with my youngest, finding a trip was a lot more difficult since she is too young to accompany me on any of my business trips without a chaperone. Lucky for me Jaedyn is flexible and easily pleased. She just wanted me all to herself, but she didn’t care where we went, or how far. That is why I was thrilled that I had received a gift certificate for an overnight stay at the Embassy Suites Chicago downtown, their American Girl Package. (Now there’s a magic set of words.) By coincidence Jaedyn had just bought her very first American Girl doll from one of my other CAMPUS Kids. We drove downtown and stayed in the  two room hotel suite all by ourselves. It was glorious. We swam. We enjoyed the manager’s reception. We got drumsticks from the Jewel across the street. And in the morning we ate breakfast in bed, (well that is after I went down and piled up a tray full of food from the all you can eat complimentary breakfast buffet). Total heaven. JC didn’t care that we didn’t take a plane, in fact she was happy to pack light and travel a short distance from home. The best part for her was that since I wasn’t on a work trip she didn’t have to share me with anyone. Priceless!

Now for my wish:

My 13th wish for my year of age 41 is to be able to make my solo trips with my children an annual event. When you have more that one child life is all about “togetherness,” which is great. But as any parent will tell you kids may all be in your family,  but they are  individual people who learn, laugh and love all in their own very unique ways. We need time time to enjoy our children and celebrate who they are as individuals. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to do so away from our everyday lives and routines. Which is the reason solo trips are so helpful. That’s why I can think of no finer wish than more time away from home  getting to know my children better, and appreciating them for exactly who they are.

How about you.? Do you make time to spend with your children individually? What do you enjoy doing together? I am always interested in hearing new ideas.



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