Miss Lori is at 12 days and counting of her birthday blessings and wishes

There are twelve more days until my 41st birthday. For the last 14 days of my year of forty I am counting down my blessings and counting up my wishes. I’ve already posted number 14 and number 13.  Here is Number 12.

My whole life one of my greatest personal difficulties has been letting go. (As in I couldn’t, or didn’t, or wouldn’t, or …well, you get the idea.) Things that would happen to me, from slights to full on assaults would haunt me day in and day out. (More the latter.) I didn’t let those ghostly indiscretions keep me from moving forward in my life,  at least not obviously. I am a trained actress you know. But they did slow me down. I especially see that now, as I look back down my path from childhood to here. I now realize that the remnants of events past were blinding me to better choices for me in my future, and I didn’t even realize it.

So what does this have to do with being forty? Well, age forty brought some serious complications in my life to a head, and yet I was able to resist habits of the past and forge a new pathway of choice. In other words, I performed an exorcism of sorts through sheer force of will, and frankly, absolute necessity. Change is hard. Old habits are especialy hard to break, learned behavior and all.  I am not completely ghost free, because I am not a miracle worker-I just play one on tv. 😉 I am  serious though. I have worked really hard this year to try and sleep more dreamless nights and wake with a clean slate. It has taken concentrated effort. Writing has been a great help. My social media community online and IRL has given me a renewed sense of confidence and self worth. Not to mention steadying friendships. As a result I have been more successful than ever before in my life, and all through while surviving the most stressful and challenging time of my life. So, not only am I thankful for this 40 year old maturity, patience, restraint, and resolve…I am proud.

Now as for my 12th wish for my year of 41, I want to treat myself to things that will help me continue on my path of peace and release, while simultaneously giving me the strength to heal. A few years back I really found a great deal of benefit in acupuncture. If you know me well, you know that I don’t often sit still. Meditation is a goal for me, one worth hiking towards. Because believe me, getting me to relax is an uphill battle. But I would love to go on a guided journey with a teacher who truly knows their craft. (I live in Chinatown for goodness sake!)

I also gained some serotonin points from chiropractic visits at ActiveBody. They helped to ease my physical pain, (I have a congenital hip disorder from birth), and get my body aligned, which helps my energy flow. And I need energy, have you seen my tour schedule?:)

Finally there is massage. Not that so called relaxation massage, I’m talking the one where the masseus -Sharon at ActiveBody-uses a tool to work through the scar tissue in my hip. Now that is a serious mind over matter, or more specifically mind over red hot pain, trick. It hurts immensely breaking through scar tissue, but it won’t get better if you don’t do the work. Rather symbolic don’t you think? Considering it is emotional scar tissue that I am trying to work through as well. I think it’s poetic actually. Hopefully, when all is said and done I will be able to consider all of this poetic justice.

What are you working through? What helps you align your energy and keep it flowing properly? I would love to do some brainstorming with you. When can never have too many good ideas.



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