Miss Lori has a healthy blessing and wish 9 days before her birthday

I am giving thanks and making a wish 9 days before the end of my year of 40 and the beginning of my year of 41. This set…this set means more than any before or after.

Thanks Number 9:

My daughter got sick, mysteriously, at the beginning of 2009. For the last two years we have struggled in search of answers. Poor JC has lived in pain, day in and day out. That is until 7 weeks ago. As many of you who follow my feed know, 7 weeks ago a miracle happened for us. Jaedyn got a surgery that left her without pain for the first time in two years. It has changed her life, and ultimately all of ours. My 9th blessing is my daughter’s life renewal. I am so eternally grateful for every laugh, every smile, every story and every dream that she has shared with me since her surgery. I am thankful that she finally feels strong enough to enjoy a day of play, and comfortable enough to enjoy a night of cuddling and stories. I am so thankful.

Wish Number 9:

If these last two years of dealing with her illness have taught me anything, it is that you shouldn’t get too ahead of yourself. You take each moment as it comes and make the best of it. So, even though I am tempted to make a wish for my daughter’s good health, (truly all three of my children), for the next one hundred years, I will heed my own advice and start small. My wish? My wish is selfish in a way. I wish for her health to continue to thrive. I wish to be able to hear her effortless laugh, feel her strong embrace, and see her sparkling smile, every day for the next year. Although please make a note, I will be making the very same wish next year and the year after that and the year after that-Well, you get the idea.



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