Miss Lori has to choose between more sleep and a workout in the early morning

It seriously makes a difference in my day. What, you ask? Getting on my little stepper for at least 10 minutes, sometime in the 6 o’clock hour, right away in the morning, before I start my day. Pretty specific stuff huh? Well, it is actually. It wasn’t always though. The specificity has come after a years worth of trial and error. Ever since a trainer told me that working-out in the morning, before eating breakfast, would extend my overnight natural fat burn, I have been solidified in my commitment to working-out in the morning. Not after I take my kids to school, but before I even leave my bedroom in the morning to wake them up. But having a plan is only half the battle. A plan only works if you have the wherewithal to put it in play. That’s the tricky part. Because let me tell you, when I wake up in the morning, usually around 530am, (although lately it’s been as early as 430am I am incredibly sad to say). I use the bathroom, I drink a glass of water, I turn on my computer, and then I am faced with the biggest dilemma of my day. I have to decide between my warm, and relatively comfy bed, and the cold, metal mini-stepper that stands upright in my closet. Not an easy choice when there is sleep still fresh in the corners of my eyes. It is a serious test of personal will, that moment. That quiet moment, me alone in my bedroom. The moment that I play out every day, trying to decide which is more important, a little more, desperately needed sleep, (or at the very least semi-conscious veg time), or minutes on the mini-stepper awakening my body, clearing the fog from my mind, and hopefully gaining a couple degrees of burn that could lead to a reduction of mass, (my body mass that is).

Since I have been on an excrutiatingly long journey trying to get my weight under control you would think that curtain number two would be the automatic choice. However, as I have learned, sleep deprivation and stress are huge contributors to weight gain. It certainly has proved to be for me these last 8 years. And since I wake feeling like I never slept in the first place, curtain number one tugs at me like an iron anchor that wants to drag me down into the deep blue sea.

I am less than a week away from my 41st birthday. This past week I tried really hard to fight that iron tug and reach for curtain number two. And each day that I have I am unmistakeably better equipped to deal with the rest of my day. Even today, Mother’s day, I got up and got on my stepper at 6am, instead of back under my electric blanket like I was expected to do on this hallowed day. In doing so I had the energy to be truly present for my 15 minutes of gift opening, followed by breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, walking the dog, driving to my son’s basketball game, and assisting my daughter with her science fair project. Such a relaxed Mother’s Day huh? No rest for the wicked. But I digress. the real point of my long diatribe is that my morning test of will is getting less testy. And I am pretty darn proud of myself.

Never forget, if you are on a weightloss journey as I am, your race is a marathon not a sprint. Keep focused, hydrated and motivated, and you’ll do fine. I believe in both of us!

What is testing your will? Believe me, talking about it helps. I’m here for you.



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  1. have an awesome birthday and thanks for the reminder to do workout before breakfast hugs  

  2. Nice job Lori. Love that last quote. I put it in my Facebook status.

  3. Nice job Lori. Love that last quote. I put it in my Facebook status.

  4. My days always seem to go better when exercise is put first in the order of things. Getting up and moving lifts my spirits and helps me through the rest of my day. Any added health benefits are just gravy for me. :)

  5. Giveawayswithgrace says:

    Congrats on choosing exercise! I know it is hard. I struggle with the same thing although I think I may try your approach of working out before anything else in the morning. Happy Early Birthday

  6. It’s so hard to find the right groove and what works for you. It took me a looooong time to get where I am and I admittedly have much further to go. Keep at it and stay confident in YOU.

  7. Mnmspecial says:

    Oh Miss Lori you are a busy woman! So proud of you for keeping that morning goal afloat. I some day might try the morning workout, but my husband is snoring so loud that I tend to be up late and the morning is when I get my best sleep.

    Wishing you the best on your Birthday! Keep up the great work and motivation. We are cheering you on! You can do it!!