Miss Lori is ready for her birthday

When I started writing these posts about my blessings and wishes for my birthday I thought they would basically be a glorified shopping list, not to be crass. I truly wanted to take time to acknowledge my year with my blessings, but my wishes, well I thought they would be what most of us list as wishes for birthdays. But the process of writing them, of searching my brain for ideas resulted in some soul searching…some self truths if you will.




Last Friday was a perfect example. I had one set of thanks and wishes that I was intending to put on the that night, but my day got away from me, and what took it away turned out to be a better truth about what’s in my heart’s desire. Sorry I’m sounding metaphysical, but the 2nd grade Mother’s Day Tea I attended moved me, not just to tears, but a deeper understanding of what makes me, through the eyes of my child.





Then on Tuesday I went in the recording studio with my elder daughter. She helped me record my newest song.

It’s so much better when it’s your kids who are succeeding! Really. So by the end of the week I am just a puddle. A puddle of tears and wind sheer.

Wind sheer Miss Lori? Oh yes, because I have sped through this last week of my year of 40. I mean at lightning speed. I still had things that I wanted to add to my list, an endless supply of thanks, especially for the days like last Friday and last Tuesday that seem to make time stand still. But I also have big wishes for the coming year. I want to publish a book. Either my story series that I use in my live show; “Little Miss, Adventures in Five Year Old Living” or something for adults, relating my personal experiences to help others manage difficult situations that may befall them. I also really want to finish recording my second album. I am five songs in. I got such a sense of accomplishment from writing my first album back in 2007. This second one will be an affirmation for me that my first achievement wasn’t an aberration. But these things are more long term. However, the one thing that I truly want on my birthday day is a chance to go out with friends. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me it is huge. My whole life I dreamed of having friends. I used to have parties all of the time as a child. Not because I was a budding event planner, but because the kids at school would be nice to me for the week before and a few days after my parties. So the more I had, the more “nice to me days” I experienced. Really simple Elementary school math. An equation of emotional survival for a girl who was being bullied, ostracized and harassed most of the time.

When I was 18 I was lucky enough to find my best friend finally. We have been connected ever since. I am insanely thankful to Nintendo this year. Because of them I was finally able to visit her after way too many years of separation. Our relationship never stales, but we do live very different lives, very far away from each other. It can be very lonely. Lonely like it was in elementary school. Well, at least it was until I got into social media.

The name social media has delivered on it’s promise. I have learned so much about media and marketing this past year. But more importantly, particularly for the little girl in me, I have gained major social points, (and I didn’t even have to throw a party myself). Well that is until tomorrow. I am going to start my year of 41 out in the manner that I hope it continues for the rest of the year, very sociable. I will start my morning with the official 1st show of my Summer WTTW PBS Kids tour. (Although, judging from this wind I hear outside my window, calling it Summer may be premature). Rain or shine I am going to sing my heart out with my young fans and their families who have been so supportive of me these last few years. Then in the evening I am going to put on a different pair of dancing shoes and get together with friends. In the plural. Yup, for the first time in my whole life I can say with absolute certainty that I have friends, (and they will even stay my friends for longer than the few days before and after a get together.) Pretty nifty huh? Well I think so. More than that I think they are the best gifts a girl of any age could ask for.

So that’s it. That’s my list. This is the end of my journey of the year of forty.  And I feel confident and prepared to embark on my year of 41, surrounded by my children and friends that I love.

Would you like to be my friend too. You can never have too many you know. Feel free to join me and my other friends at Whole Foods South Loop, Saturday, May 14th at 10am, Rumba from 730-11 or even the Lincoln Park Zoo Sunday at 1030am. Wear your dancing shoes. (Not in Chicago? Then join me on my facebook fan pages and be my friend!)



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