Miss Lori manages her birthday eating so she can stay on a healthy track

As many of you know this past Saturday was my birthday. As you also know I am on a journey towards better health and nutrition. It was important to me that those two events work not in contrast, but in concert this weekend That is why I made very careful choices for myself on Saturday, with eating exercise and sleep, so that I could feel free to enjoy my birthday without a chaser of guilt. I woke up early and got in some weight work. Not a lot, because I knew my day would be a marathon. Just enough to clear the cobwebs from my head and help to manage any anxiety. Yes, anxiety. Not about my birthday but about my first show for my 4th annual WTTW Great Food Fan Van AWESOME Health tour. I was a little nervous because I was going to be introducing a new song and script for the tour. But what made it all the more stressful was the weather. Good ole Chicago Spring…freezing rain! Ugh. Lucky for me Whole Foods Market South Loop had an indoor space ready for us to use. A life saver. (Or should I say a show saver.) I drank a cup of hot Traditional Medicinals green tea, and a few sips of a vanilla protein drink. But the protein drink just wasn’t sitting right in my mouth, so I stopped. I didn’t have any time to get something else to eat. Lucky for me one of our tour sponsors is Organic Valley, so I was able to have some string cheese between sets. A good protein and calcium boost for this hard working Wisconsin dairy girl.

The show went really well. I know because even the parents were participating. Always a sign of success. Because my show isn’t just for kids, it’s for the whole family. I gave out balloons in honor of my birthday and received a whole bunch of hugs, and even some homemade cards, in return.

It was AWESOME…and exhausting. So, I delivered myself home, made a Healthy Choice complete meal, and poured a huge glass of water. Hydration is so important, particularly after a 2 hour show. I made the Healthy Choice complete meal one, because it tastes good, but two because I wanted to make sure to manage and limit my calorie intake during the day. That way I could feel a little freer in the evening when I would be celebrating my birthday. (Advanced planning is a good thing.) What I like most about the Healthy Choice complete meal is that it includes a little “dessert”. That satisfies my natural, post meal craving for something sweet, without leaving me open to temptation from something that could take me way off my game. I find it incredibly helpful.

After I ate my lunch, and responded the 85 facebook posts that I got during my concert, I put on my sleeping mask and took a nap. Yes, I took a luxurious birthday nap. My kids even let me be, that is until 5pm when my stealth baby Kaiann woke me up with a whisper that made me jump. I don’t know how she does it, but she sneaks up on me every time. Anyway, she wanted to make sure that I had enough time to get ready for my GNO. Yes, I had plans to meet up with a few friends at Rumba Chicago to toast my birthday. After wiping the sleep from my eyes panic set in, “What in the World am I going to wear?!” Lucky for me Kaiann is not just an expert at sneaking up on me, she is also an expert at putting an outfit together. She dug her way into my closet and came out with the perfect ensemble. When I try and dress myself my room looks like a tornado hit it, but she got it on the first try. Oy! (Of course when she is dressing herself her room is a total tornado as well. So I guess it is all relative.) I did have a little say in the creation. I told her we needed to build from the shoes up since I have less of those to choose from. (My big ole size 12 feet aren’t a great friend to fashion.) I wanted to wear my new DSW boots that I got on sale. (Don’t sales make clothes and shoes look better?) She paired the boots with a black pencil skirt, a wide black belt and a fuschia shrug, all from Lane Bryant, over a patterned sheath from Target. I felt really attractive and statuesque, thanks in part to my Bali undergarment and my strapless Lane Bryant bra. (Got to have a foundation to build upon!)

Once I was dressed and made up I came downstairs, only to find that my family had gotten me a cake. I had plenty of time to blow out the candles and make a wish. My posts in the days leading up to my birthday certainly prepared me with a list of wishes, but right then all I wanted was more intimate moments with my kids just like the one I was living in that real time. I didn’t have a full piece of cake because I was saving room for my GNO at Rumba. But I did allow myself a swipe of frosting. (The calories don’t count if you eat it standing up right?) I also drank a can of Steaz Energy to give me an extra boost for the evening. (8pm is usually my bed time you know!)

I got to Rumba around 730 and was able to enjoy lovely conversation with my friend Xan, accompanied by some very delicious red sangria, and shrimp empanadas and crab cake appetizers. I didn’t even finish them all, I was talking too much. Soon my friends Dee and Elise arrived and the waiter brought a Chocolate Luva cake and another slice of a white cake in honor of my bday. Now here is the important part. I could have eaten all of it. It’s my birthday right? But I didn’t. For one things I found the slices to be really dry, but when you are sitting at a table with food in front of you it is very easy to fall into that mindless nibbling mode. But I didn’t. Eventhough I had spent the whole day preparing to have calorie leeway for my evening event, I didn’t indulge because since it didn’t taste all that amazing, I decided not to spend my calorie currency but to instead to save. However, I guarantee you if my dear friend Ramon DeLeon had walked in with one of his Dominoes Lava cakes, I would not have been so strong willed. I would have spent those calories in a heartbeat! (Just sayin’!) Nevertheless, at least I understand myself better. I understand my needs, and my cravings, as well as my goals and my objectives. That’s a big win. (I am growing up!)

We spend so much time talking about what we can’t or shouldn’t have,  but I think it is equally important to talk about what we can have and what we want to have, and how we can satisfy those desires without falling flat on the face of our goals. (Just like I did for my birthday.) What do you crave? How do you deal with those cravings? How do you help yourself to enjoy living without overdoing or overindulging? Let’s talk about that and maybe we can help each other make every day feel like a well managed birthday.



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  1. Miss Lori says:

    Willpower is a handy tool. Wish I could say I have it all of the time, particularly during high stress times, but at least I had it Saturday. One day at a time. Thanks for the encouragement.


  2. Miss Lori says:

    Thank you for the compliment Amanda!


  3. Miss Lori says:

    Thank you Janice!


  4. klwschmidt says:

    Looks like you had an amazing birthday!  I’m super proud of your birthday eating too – I wouldn’t have that kind of willpower!

  5.  happy birthday!!! You looked so good in your outfit!!! you made great food choices!!!

  6.  Happy Birthday Miss Lori!  Congrats on making great food choices on your birthday – that is really hard to do!