Miss Lori is cruising the Chicago River all the way home

I have lived in Chicago for almost 20 years and I have never before taken a River Cruise. It’s not like I didn’t know about them. Every Summer I hear the music from the more festive cruises right from my kitchen window. Yes, I live facing the Chicago River. Crazy right? Well now, I can finally say I have cruised the river thanks to my friend and author Melisa Wells.

In honor of Melisa’s new book release “Chicken in The Car and The Car Won’t Go” I got to take my very first Chicago River Cruise. It was a perfect fit considering Melisa’s book is all about Chicago activities. Over 200 to be exact. Particular perfect adventures for families with tweens and teens. (Hey that’s me!) Inspired by her book I am having my kids page through all of Melisa’s suggestions and create a wish list of adventures for us to embark upon this Summer. (I love a good plan!)

What am I doing consulting a Chicago tourist guide? Well, this a is a big city. Just because I have lived here for the last 20 years doesn’t mean I know everything. My kids would say I only know the venues I have performed at. They might be right! But not anymore! Thanks to Melisa’s book I aim to be an informed Chicagoan-a fun master if you will. And you can be too. Just pick up a copy and put together your own plan to cruise this fabulous city. From the River to the roadways, there is so much for us all to explore.



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  1. I’m so glad you could come, Lori!
    I’m a Chicago native and I can say without a doubt that I definitely had a lot to learn about our city. It’s amazing what you can uncover with a little research! :)

    I hope to see you again soon! xoxo