Miss Lori is calling all creative mothers, Huggies wants to be inspired by you

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Hey fellow Moms, do you have ideas that you have been itching to put into action? Do you have a product that you have already developed but are in need of some cash to infuse it’s progress. Well get your fingers ready to type because I have the perfect opportunity for you.

Huggies, with the help of the fabulously creative MomSelect founder Maria Bailey, has created a program that empowers mom business owners with the money and information they need to build their businesses.  The Huggies MomInspired grant program, which awards $15,000 grants to mom inventors. Yes you read that right, $15,000. What could you do for your creative idea with $15,000? Your head is just buzzing isn’t it? Good. That’s exactly what it should be doing. Let me give you some background.

In 2010 Huggies introduced its’ MomInspired grant program, providing inventive moms with the resources and seed capital they need to help transform viable product ideas into successful new businesses, or take their businesses to the next level. The first round of submissions saw almost 400 applications. Then last year Huggies awarded 12 inspired moms $15,000 each to help fund their business startups based on innovative baby or child care products inspired by motherhood.

Now it’s time for the 2011 class. You can submit a grant application now through June 30, 2011 at HuggiesMomInspired.com. Then in the Fall of 2011 12 more inspired moms will be awarded $15,000 each  to turn their original, viable child care product ideas into a reality, or progress their already established small businesses – original, innovative and viable new business and product ideas designed to help make life easier for parents.  (You know I am all about making parenting easier!) So click here and goto straight to HuggiesMomInspired.com for more information on the grant program, eligibility and requirements.

Don’t freak. This isn’t dificult. You are creatieve. You are a force. You are mother afterall, how could you nnot be. I don’t want you to skip this opportunity out of misplaced fear. There is a sample application on the site to help you create your own submission. You can do this. Scratch that. Let me take a different approach. You owe it to yourself, and to your kids to do do this. (Yes, I played the kid card. Guilt is a powerful tool.) So stop thinking and start typing…NOW!



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