Miss Lori has a list of eight things she needs to buy before #Blogher in San Diego

I am heading to Blogher for the third time next week. I am really excited, mostly because it is the only time of the year that I get to see many of my online compatriot’s in person. It’s a fantastic social gathering. There’s some business too. However, the business that I must attend to right now is packing. I started with a list. And in making my list recently I discovered 8 essential things that I simply must purchase before I go.

1. Sunglasses. Isn’t that always on any Summer list. Well, I try so hard to keep pair in good healthy order, but something invariably goes wrong, (or my kids steal them from me). My latest pair, the nose guard broke off on one side. So now I am gauging a whole in the left side of my face wearing them. Yup, top of the list if I want to keep my face in tact.


2. A new camera. I have had the worst luck this year with my cameras. I gave one to my child, my camera from the Oscars actually,  to use at school for a project and he lost it, (“It’s just misplaced Mom!” HA!) Then my M580 that I got before Blogher last year stopped working in February. Kodak was kind enough to replace it. My twin camera, (same beautiful purple color I had grown to love), then bit the dust last month thanks to a bump from one of my little fans. He was so excited to meet me that he kind of bowled me over, and the camera crashed to the ground. Now it’s stuck in the lens out position and won’t take any pictures. AGONY. I had already bought a metallic blue Kodak C143 to help fill in the gap for my lost, (forgive me, “misplaced”), Oscars camera. Now with the M580 out of commission it has moved up to first chair. (First and only chair). The nice thing is that the little kids love looking into it when they take pictures with me at my shows. That’s exactly why I need to leave it with my understudy, (who also doubles as my daughter), to use when she covers for me, at my Lincoln Park Zoo show on August 5 and my Whole Foods River Forest event on August 6, while I am in San Diego.

Which, if you have been keeping score, means that I will be without a camera. That’s an absolute “no no” for Blogher. (Criminal, and subject to prosecution I think.) So I need to log into the computer and find myself a new camera-preferably one that is industrial strength.


3. If I am getting a new camera then I must get another SD card. I already have my Kodak Playtouch that I use religiously. I always gather so many videos at conferences, (really, everywhere), so I think I would like to use the 8GB card I currently have in my Playtouch for my to be bought camera. Then I can get a 16GB SD card for videos. That should keep me going and going. What do you think?


4. Shoes for the Expo.
I’ll be Wearing Cute Shoes to BlogHer '11!
Now anyone who has been to a conference Expo knows that you put a lot of steps on your pedometer casing the joint. Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk, but my feet don’t appreciate it if I try to walk in the wrong pair of shoes. I need to buy a pair of shoes that will represent me as the fashion maven that I am, (Ha! that just made me laugh so hard I snorted), but also be good to my soles. Plus they’ve got to match with my Tropicana Orange. (I will be at Blogher in my new found capacity as a Tropimomma you know!)


Speaking of fashion that brings us to my next need, 3 outfits for 3 AWESOME Parties.

5. Thursday night, the Clever Girls Collective “I’m with the Brand party”.

This is going to be a robust pre-conference mixer. Ubisoft and Cricket are two of my favorite brands and they just happen to be two of the sponsors. Which means there will be lots of music and plenty of dancing. So, I need an outfit that will withstand twirls and sweat, and still look good. I’m thinking shorts and a sparkly top, with some well balanced high heels. (But I will bring along flats for later when the dance competition gets hot and heavy.) I wore something like that to @MjTam‘s #CASTRAWBERRYTOUR event last week and got lots of compliments. Why mess with a good thing?!


6. Friday night the Nintendo Brand Ambassador Cruise. For this event I can be a little more impractical in my dress as I won’t be moving around on the ground instead, the ground will move me. (Well, not the ground, the ocean. But you get the picture.) The only requirement is that I can sit comfortably in the outfit, and have room to pack away a meal as well. (Can you say elastic?) Last year I wore a great Lane Bryant ensemble that I though set a great tone. I hope to be as successful this year.


7. The third night, Saturday brings three fantastic Blogher parties:

I definitely have to have cute but energizing footwear for this trio. Food will be served, drinks will be flowing and I am sure to have a dance or two with my favorite dance partners #Mamavation Maven @bookieboo, and number 19 on Black Enterprise’s top 20 list of Tech Diva’s to follow @LittleTechGirl! The outfit needs to have staying power and a little flash, so you can spot me in a dark room. Hey, a girl has to make sure she can be found. I am definitely open to suggestions for this one.


8. Lastly I have got to buy a new duffel bag to carry home all of the Blogher brand swag. Usually I arrive at Blogher with only a carry on. But packed inside of that carry on is an oversized duffel that I careful pack with all of the wonderful items that brands share with attendees on the EXPO floor as well as at breakout sessions and parties. I am a good packer too. I had the perfect duffel and then I lent it to my son to take to a basketball tournament. He didn’t misplace it. No. This time he destroyed it. I think the funk from his basketball clothes and shoes worked to disintegrate the stitching of the bag. (Well, I might be exaggerating a little…Nah, they were really funky!)


Well I better get moving, there’s only 8 more shopping days until my Blogher liftoff! Yikes! What are you still needing to buy. I would love to know. Let’s shop together vicariously.



Miss Lori can be found Musing from her Minivan at MissLori.TV , Wearetherealdeal.com , YoungChicagonista , ChicagoMomsBlog , and ChicagoMoms.com. You can also see her Activating to Be Great at Miss Lori’s CAMPUS on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.








This is a Level 13 The product or service mentioned was bought and paid for with Miss Lori’s own hard earned money that she doesn’t have a lot of, and thus doesn’t like to part with, so it must have been important.

Miss Lori can be found Musing from her Minivan at MissLori.TV , Wearetherealdeal.com , YoungChicagonista , ChicagoMomsBlog , and ChicagoMoms.com. You can also see her Activating to Be Great at Miss Lori’s CAMPUS on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. I just went shopping and came home empty-handed. Booo for me. Looking forward to meeting you fancy girl! #Troppimomma Fitz

  2. Miss Lori says:

    There’s going to be some booty shaking alright!



  3. Leah Segedie says:

    We are dancin!!!!