Miss Lori wants bloggers to shed their fears and embrace their inner FIREWORK before Blogher

Blogher is right around the corner and you can feel the anticipation in the blogosphere. People are excited. That’s a good thing. I love Blogher. I love the chance to connect with some really lovely people that I don’t get to see regularly. But it’s not just old home week. It’s serious business that requires planning and preparation. Blogher, like many conferences, is a wonderful opportunity to make direct connection with PR reps and the brands they represent. That’s why I want you to get your game face on and be “B.I.G.”!

I still sense some hesitancy from you. (Yes, I can feel it through the computer.) There are still some of you out there who are feeling unsure about pitching yourselves directly to brands and PR reps. Perhaps you feel there are so many other bloggers out there that it’s hard for you to be noticed. But that’s where you are wrong. Yes, there are many bloggers ad influences; a whole sky filled with stars. But the beauty of it all is how diverse the blogosphere is. That no matter the numbers, each star is unique, and has a twinkle all it’s own. Just like a FIREWORK. No two are really exactly alike. So let your colors burst!


However, in order for the World to see your beauty on the outside you have to realize your own beauty on the inside. You have to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I look pretty darn AWESOME!”

I hope you will make the most of your time at Blogher his week. But even if you aren’t going you can make good practice of these ideas. Embrace yourself. Embrace your firework quality. Then show your colors to the World one connection at a time.




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