Miss Lori says Matt Lauer and the Today Show need to read better blogs

Sometimes you have to stand up and say something when you perceive a wrong. It can be a little nerve racking, I know, but some things need to be done; not just for you, but for the collective “you”. That’s how I felt Tuesday morning watching Matt Lauer on the Today Show. During a piece about a truly cruel blog he made a comment that passed judgment on an entire community that is comprised of numerous individuals whom I have come to respect and cherish.

I teach my children to value individuals, to take the time to get to know a situation and not paint judgment with a broad brush. Why? “Because we don’t all look alike.” I also teach them that there are many points to be addressed in a conversation, and just because you disagree with one part doesn’t mean you have to throw away the entire argument. Case in point: even though I categorically disagreed with Matt Lauer’s sweeping generalization concerning blogs, I can still recognize and appreciate other concerns that he and guests Star Jones and Dr Gail Saltzman raised.

bottom line

  • Not all press is biased
  • Not all blogs are inaccurate and denigrating

And to say so, particularly in a public forum where you exert a great deal of influence, contributes to the death of civility…in my opinion. What’s yours? I would love to hear it.





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