Miss Lori says sometimes all it takes is a feather to lift your spirits

When I was in my twenties I experimented with changing my haircolor. You see I wanted a change, but I couldn’t cut my hair because of my career. Back in the day it cost too much to take new headshots so none of us actors ever wanted to change our look for fear of having to shell out more money for a photo session and printing. (The “starving” in “starving actor” often got in the way of fashionable experimentation.) But color changes, well that was doable. Usually it was red, or black, or even highlights. Although it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second child, Kaiann, that I went way extreme… blonde. I don’t know what came over me. Well, now that that girl is older I think I understand where that impulse came from. (HA!)


The truth of the matter is that most of us feel the need for a change now and then. Something to stir the pot, and break up the monotony. The need for creative, physical expression isn’t just for tweens and teens, it is an instinct that can overtake us at any point in our lives. Heck in my twenties, while on tour with the Mystery of Edwin Drood, I would get an additional ear piercing in  every other city we stopped in, just to have something to do. (Good thing I got off tour after only 4 months! but in my 40’s my ear piercing and hair color changes seem a little passe. I like many of my friends still would like to enjoy some creative expression especially while on a journey towards physical change like the Mamavation program. But sweeping physical changes take not just effort, but time. Which can be frustrating in this immediate gratification kind of World. That’s why I think it is a good idea for people to spice up their look with little acts of rebellion,

like a feather in your hair:

a flower on your toes:

or even a henna tattoo:

Coincidentally all of my most recent acts of whimsy have happened at Blogher conventions. I love going to the conventions because not only do I get to spice up my look, I do so in the company of some really fabulous women, and men, who inspire me to do more and better. (Not only that, I celebrate all of this creativity surrounded by brands like my sponsor Tropicana, who provide me with opportunities to use my talent in new and more inventive ways each year.)

Now, while I completely encourage self expression at any age, I caution you about doing anything permanent. Permanency kind of defeats the purpose of fluctuating change. (Just sayin’) But outside of tattoos and plastic surgery, I say go ahead and hake your look up. Have some fun. Give over to whimsy. Anything that will lift your spirits and lighten your psychic load. Because even psychic weight can do with some trimming ever now and then. Bring on the flourish!



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  1. Mnmspecial says:

    I have a few tattoos, but they are on my back where only I see them if I look over my shoulder, very rare. My mom still dies especially when doctors mention putting them back together after each surgery.
    I’m right there with you on change without the undoable part. Timeless is always on my mind.

  2. Love the Henna tattoo! I’m a big fan of those. When I went to CA 3 weeks ago, I came with sticker tattoo on my  arm which everyone thought was real. It shocked my mom and her friends. I thought it was funny though! Little rebellion without intending it to be LOL