Miss Lori got her kids Illinois State IDs to help keep them safe

It’s about safety. Bottom line, that’s why I made the trip downtown to the Illinois Secretary of State’s office with my children this week.

Getting us all State IDs was a lot easier than I thought it would be, partly because  before visited the office I first visited the website. On the website there is a list that tells me clearly what I need to bring with me in order prove I am who I am and I live where I live. For me that meant bring Social Security Card, Birth certificate, two utility and/or mortgage bills to prove residency. Super easy for an adult, but it can be a little more difficult for a child. For my kids I had their social security cards and birth certificates, plus I had their medical cards issued by the state, and pay stubs from modeling work they have done. I brought their bank statements as a back up. Another option would be to bring documentation from their school, as long is it clearly states their name and home address.

We went on a weekday, the last week of Summer, which proved to be very smart. The lines were quite short and everyone working there was pleasant and helpful. That was important to me because all of our ticket numbers got called at the same time so i was bouncing around the room filling out paperwork for each kid as well as myself. It was comedic.

After the paperwork was completed for each of us I went to the cashier. It cost me $20 for my ID and $10 each for the kids. A total of $50. With receipt in hand we crossed over to the most important [part of the id process, the PHOTO. All three of my kids were checking their hair and practicing their smiles. (Ok, so was I.) Because we know that this picture stays with you for a long time. My one piece of advice to them, and you; look directly into the camera lens instead of at the “smiley face” below it. It makes your face brighter and the picture more pleasant. I also encourage you to wear bold colors, no patterns or prints. Simple, clean and bright. (Although I say that about all pictures!).

Pictures are a big deal to us all, but as a mom I was most tickled to see my children’s first official signatures. Brought a tear to my eye. My kids are growing up. That’s exactly why I got them IDs in the first place, because they are growing up and taking on more independent responsibilities. But…they are still kids and the IDs helps them prove it.

I encourage you to help your children solidify their personal identities by getting them identification. Peace of mind is priceless.



This is a * Level 13 The product or service mentioned was bought and paid for with Miss Lori’s own hard earned money that she doesn’t have a lot of, and thus doesn’t like to part with, so it must have been important.

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