Miss Lori is lucky to have had the Chrysler Town and Country to rely on in a pinch

Here’s a question, how much do you rely on your car? No, I don’t mean how much do you use it, I mean how much do you rely on it. You see I don’t just use my cars to get around, I rely on them to help me get my work, play and family life taken care of in an economical fashion.

To transport the loads of things and people that I accumulate through my daily travels, especially the things I am not planning for.



To keep my children safely entertained  and comfortable so that they won’t eat each other on long trips…like to the store.



But to allow me some peace of mind as well.



And sometimes, sometimes I have to rely on my car to be a partner in my business…my teammate per say. I rely on it to have my back when things go sideways, or just caput as the sound system did at one of my concerts this Summer. I had to rely on my car to accompany me with sound so I could keep the music flowing on my AWESOME Health Tour.


It’s a good thing I was driving the 2011 Chrysler Town and Country as a demo that week. Even though I own a Chrysler minivan, my third in the last 8 years, the new TnC gave me the power that I needed, and the peace of mind that I could rely on. What can you rely on?



This is a * Level 1 post: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

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