Miss Lori finds the Dodge Journey to be a real treasure

Do you like treasure hunts? Do you like new cars? Well then you will love the Dodge Journey search happening all across America this month. Dodge is dropping off three Journey’s in three very special places in three regions of the US. The Journey they left on the West Coast has already been found, and people are hot on the trail of the Journey here in the Midwest. I don’t blame anyone for working hard to find the Dodge Journey in the #Journey Search. I got to drive one earlier this Summer and I can tell you it is definitely a treasure worth searching for.


For one thing the Dodge Journey has oodles of room. Even my 5’8″ can fit in the third ro!


Speaking of room, I loved how much hidden room there was for all of my children’s things too!


Speaking of stuff my hands are always so full when I am coming out to my car. That’s why I am thankful that it only takes one hand to drop down the seats in the Journey.


The seats aren’t just easy to fold down, they are also easy to pop up. The booster seats that is. Which means that Miss Lori’s 8 year old daughter can be safe without feeling like a baby.


But the easiest part of all in the 2011 dodge Journey is how easy it is to start the car and control its’ features.


It’s a treasure right? But don’t just take my word for it, get out and try the Dodge Journey yourself. Better yet, find one of the one’s hidden across the country and you will have the rest of your days to explore the journey in the comfort of your own home!



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