Nutrionist David Grotto is helping Miss Lori change her eating to help her sleeping

I realized over a year ago that my lack of sleep was my biggest obstacle towards making any positive adjustments with my weight. So I worked hard to change the way I approached my day, particularly the end of my day, and get more sleep. It took some serious doing, but I did it. Most nights I have been able to get at least 7 hours of sleep. The increase in sleep, my conscious effort to lower my calorie intake, my use of smoothies for breakfast, as well as all of the activity I got from performing 50 concerts in the last four months has actually reduced my waistline. In fact this morning I had to dig out pants that I last wore in 2008 to wear to my concert, because every other pair of show pants that I had were literally falling off of me. Score one for Miss Lori! Eventhough it appears as though I am making headway in my healthy journey I still feel like my sleep is an active hurdle. Not quantity, but quality. I may be sleeping for 7 hours, but when I awaken I don’t feel truly rested. It is really troublesome, not just for my metabolism, but for my productivity. Which incidentally relates to my metabolism, because if I was more productive and efficient with my day I might be able to find time to increase my exercise during my day. And if I increase my exercise, I will increase my metabolism. Quite a row of Dominoes huh? The catch twenty two is that it is partially because of my lack of exercise that my sleep is not as productive as it could be.

So what do I do? Well, what I have done is reached out to the amazing nutritionist David Grotto and asked him for help in creating a better eating plan for my day that will better prepare my body for a solid slumber at night. Say what Miss Lori? You want to eat to sleep? Yes, that’s exactly what I intend to do, with David’s brilliant and insightful guidance. You can follow along with me too. I figure if I am having trouble finding time to exercise, you might be too. Therefore, we all can benefit from better eat sleep patterns that will hopefully re-energize us and ultimately carve out a few more minutes in a day that we can dedicate to exercise. Win Win.

First order of business read David’s chapter on Insomnia in his fantastic book 101 Optimal Life Foods. Second, purchase Nature Made Fish Oil and Sleep supplements to help decrease my cholesterol and increase my melatonin supply respectively. Third, start a food journal on the site Nutrihand so that I can get a clearer picture about what I am eating and drinking throughout the day. Already I have learned something startling that I was doing wrong. I thought that the best meal I could eat towards the end of my day would be protein based. WRONG! David corrected my thinking. Protein should definitely start my day, because it will help me focus. But carbohydrates, (whole grains), will help me end my day because they will promote relaxation. Head snap. Yup, I should end my day with carbs, and even a little sugar. (Turns out milk and cookies is not just for fairy tales.) Although since I am watching my waistline it is better for me to snack on walnuts and cherries, along with a glass of warm milk, about 90 minutes before I plan to lay my head onto my pillow. (Or in my case, collapse into bed.) 90 minutes. But 60 minutes before bed I should stop eating altogether, and drink only non-caloric drinks? But, and here’s a big point, it is in my best interest to make sure that all of my eating, despite my slumber time, concludes by 9pm. Why? Because our stomachs have a circadian rhythm just like our minds. Meaning our stomachs distinguish the difference between day and night, even if our personal schedules don’t. Wow!

Are you getting all of this? Let’s review:

1: Read Insomnia chapter in David Grotto’s book 101 Optimal Life Foods

2: Buy Nature Made Fish Oil and Sleep supplements

3: Keep a food diary on

4: Eat whole grain carbs towards the end of the day

5: Eat final carb snack 90 minutes before bed

6: Stop eating 60 minutes before bed

7: No food after 9pm

Whew, that’s quite a todo list! Well, you gotta start somewhere though, right? And the reward, (restful nights, and healthier-leaner body days), is worth working for. Most of all, we deserve it. Say it with me…”I deserve to feel rested and fit.” Now that’s a healthy recipe.



This is a:

* Level 1 post: Some of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

*Level 13 post: The Nature Made product mentioned was bought and paid for with Miss Lori’s own hard earned money that she doesn’t have a lot of, and thus doesn’t like to part with, so it must have been important.

Miss Lori is not a Doctor nor does she play one on TV. However, David Grotto is a licensed nutritionist, and Miss Lori is his patient. The suggestions that Miss Lori has relayed in this post are the one’s offered by David Grotto, designed to meet her personal needs. Please consult your own physician for specific guidelines concerning your own health regimen.

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  1. reading this post is refreshing i was just thinking today how sleepless i have been. Thanks for sharing 

  2. This post really resonates with me today – after a 4hr sleep.  I will definitely be coming back when I am more rested.  :)  I hope you have a great week!!

  3. Fish oil and carbs…Hmm…I’m going to bookmark this and try this out. My sleep is quanity but certainly not quality. This might help.

  4. Way 2 Good Life says:

    Sounds very interesting. Have a great week

  5. Your plan sounds great!  Good luck this week and enjoy the fall weather. 

  6. I ma glad to have you on my team for this journey. Good luck to us both!


  7. Thank you so much for your support!


  8. I am a horrible insomniac & its even worse with a newborn. I do take fish oil and it does help along with my bowl of cold cereal at night, but that’s way past 9pm. This sounds like a great idea to put into practice in my own life.
    Good luck this week!

  9. Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place to continue to reach your goals! Bless of luck to you this week!