Nutritionist David Grotto wants Miss Lori to be fiber-licious this week

For those of you tracking my healthy path it is Week #2, and it is starting with a major objective; to increase the fiber and potassium in my diet. How do I know? If you recall last week I told you that one of my assignments from my nutritionist David Grotto, was to track my eating on the website Well, one of the great bonuses of keeping a food diary on Nutrihand is that each week they generate a report summarizing my eating and activities. But it’s not just a report of my raw data, but that data compared with the goals that have been set for my journey.

Earlier this week David inputted a set of goals/target numbers for my nutrition. For each category the summary report identifies where my food intake fell in relation to David’s goals for me. The report breaks down everything, but I want to share my food section with you in particular.

Comparison with Goals

Average for the Period Recommended per day
Total Calories: 1,593 1500 calories
Total Carbohydrate: 44% 45%
Total Fat: 32% 35%
Protein: 22% 20%
Cholesterol: 204 mg 100 – 300 mg
Sodium: 2,651 mg 1500 – 2300 mg
Potassium: 916 mg 3400 – 4700 mg
Dietary Fiber: 14 g 25 – 50 g


First of all, when David said that I was to aim for 1500 calories a day it sounded really low to me. I was afraid that I would be way off the mark. I didn’t want to look foolish, but I had to swallow the impulse to edit my foods on paper. David said that it was crucial for me to be as honest as possible with my food journal so that we would have an accurate base to start from. So I stifled my ego and cataloged every food and drink I ingested. Then the week was so busy, and I was sill getting used to the site, I really didn’t pay attention to the caloric sums. So when my report arrived in my email box on Friday morning I was stunned.  I really didn’t expect that I would be able to hit the mark with my calories. Don’t misinterpret, I definitely had days where I went way over, like last Friday when I had 2 evening events, including the Soccer banquet pizza party. But it all balanced out by week’s end. It felt pretty good to know that my eating is not out of control.

While my eating may not be out of control it is still not on target. I’m not overindulging, I’m under-indulging in the area of fiber and potassium. What’s the big deal about fiber and potassium? Well, If I want to be successful in bringing my weight down, stabilizing my blood sugar and kick starting my metabolism, I need my intake of the dynamic duo to be on target with David’s goals for me. So that is exactly what I will be concentrating on this week. Once again David has broken things down for me, making it easy for me to be successful and empowered. Just like meeting my calorie objective turned about to be a surprisingly simple process, so too will increasing my fiber and potassium numbers, especially if I can find phen375 in stores, which is supposed to help with fiber absorption and my metabolic process in general. It really comes down to one meal a day. If I can infuse one meal or snack a day with my missing nutrients I will reach my number goals. What do I need to eat, you ask? Well, I have a few options. The best part is many of them are things that I was doing at one point or another, so all I need to do is readopted the habits.

  1. Eat a bowl of Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble
  2. Drink a smoothie made with whey protein, Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw, Flax Seed Oil, Psyllium Husk, Berries and Coconut water.
  3. Add a whole grain english muffin, a Vita Top, a low carb tortilla, or some Flat Out bread to my meal
  4. Make a scrambled egg mug, with eggs, pinto beans, low fat cheese and some salsa.
  5. Puree beans, freeze them in ice cube trays, and add them to soup, or pasta sauce.
  6. If I am not able to get my fiber and potassium from food, then the last resort would be to add a Benefiber packet to my water.

So there we have it, my plan for week number two. Not too shabby, huh? Hey, how’s your fiber intake? Maybe you should join me. Let’s be fiber-licious together.



This is a:

* Level 1 post: Some of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

*Level 13 post: All of the food products mentioned in this post were bought and paid for with Miss Lori’s own hard earned money that she doesn’t have a lot of, and thus doesn’t like to part with, so it must have been important.

Miss Lori is not a Doctor nor does she play one on TV. However, David Grotto is a licensed nutritionist, and Miss Lori is his patient. The suggestions that Miss Lori has relayed in this post are the one’s offered by David Grotto, designed to meet her personal needs. Please consult your own physician for specific guidelines concerning your own health regimen.

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  1. I know I do well with my fiber – it’s other nutrients that I worry about.  Calcium for sure.  Great job this week!  I enjoy reading your posts.  So informative.  :)

  2. Shannon Sander says:

    Great job on hitting your target with calories without stressing over it.  I haven’t focused on the amount of fiber or potassium in my diet, might need to look into it.  Have a great second week!

  3. Marie Nichols says:

    Great job on having a plan.. wish i could come up with a plan.. my problem as it usually goes out the window after a few days. if you got any tips i’d love to hear them. Have a great week!

  4. I LOVE that you have such a detailed plan! I’m definitely going to be upping my fiber!

    Have a great week, Miss Lori!

  5. Awesome work!  I am pretty good at fiber, (I think) but Potassium is a different story all together.  I had no clue how important it could be.  I am anxious to see how bringing up your potassium makes you feel.  Keep up the good work being honest with your food log too!!