Ten things Miss Lori learned at the Ross Dress For Less Chicago insider event

Ross Dress for Less has come to the Midwest! Saturday October 8, the chain opened an unprecedented 11 stores in the Chicago area, at the same time. Cool huh?! I had the privilege of previewing the Orland Park location at a Blogger Insider event. They sent a car for me and my girlfriend Priscilla, to get to and from the party. Then they gave us each a $50 giftcard to shop to our blogger hearts’ content.

Here are Ten things I learned the night of the #RossChicago event

  1. Taking 94 to the 57 is a great alternative to the 55 during high traffic time.
  2. Priscilla Dixon is the smartest woman I know and I simply don’t get to spend enough time with her.
  3. Shopping with friends is the best way to shop.
  4. Ross dress for less has a fantastic selection of dresses for the curvalicious XL gal like me.
  5. I’m not too old or too full figured to wear a mini dress.
  6. David Grotto is my savior. I feel AWESOME in my body for the first time in years and I’m only on week three of my nutritious education journey.
  7. There is nothing wrong with spending your $50 giftcard on yourself  (Of course you will probably go back to the store a few days later and buy things for your kids afterall.)
  8. I have good self control while shopping, even in the face of amazing deals.
  9. When in doubt buy the dress, you can always return it, If you wait, it may be gone, (And then you will kick yourself all the way home from Orland Park for being a coward, (…not that I would know anything about that.)

Number 10 isn’t my lesson, it’s actually a lesson for the Ross team..or let’s just call it some friendly advice…

  • Next time Ross throws a preview party for social media insiders, you should give the bloggers wine. Then they will most likely spend more money… Just sayin’.



This is a * Level 1: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

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  1. Miss Lori says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words. The honest truth is that I don’t always feel confident, but I bluff like a pro. I firmly believe that sometimes you have to talk yourself into things, like feeling good about the way you look. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either. No one feels 100% one hundred percent of the time. So hearing from others, getting a little boost by sharing my story goes a long way. So thank you for noticing. Thank you for believing in me. You help me as much as I help you. We are a team!


  2. Paula @ Frosted Fingers says:

    You looked hot in everything you tried on. You have such amazing self confidence. I was telling my husband about you. You inspire me. :)