Miss Lori is headed back to class with Oprah’s Lifeclass

I’m headed to class Wednesday. Oprah’s Lifeclass that is. I will be live tweeting from Harpo studios during the 7pm CST broadcast, as well as the web chat immediately therefafter. I am very excited to tune into episode three of this remarkable slice of television. I had the pleasure of attending a blogger screening last week, and was moved to the core by the messages. Particularly the messages that come in a whisper.

YouTube Preview Image










Wednesday’s show topic is about the importance of believing in ourselves. Perfect one for me to attend since self confidence is something I talk about regularly. Oprah’s Lifeclass will use the backdrop of old interviews with Jim Carrey, JK Rowling and Ralph Lauren to underscore the lesson. Then after the broadcast Cheryl Robinson will join Oprah, (and ME!), for a continued and more expanded discussion in the form of a web chat.


Learning is always done best in good company. So don’t audit this class attend.

Oprah’s Lifeclass will run five days a week for the next five weeks on OWN. If you don’t know what channel to turn to to find it, don’t worry. Just check HERE.



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