Miss Lori lists her top five favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication


I drove with my kids from our home in Chicago to Washington DC to attend the martin Luther King JR Memorial Dedication. (We drove in a brand new Buick Enclave thanks to GM social media connector Connie Burke!) The original dedication had to be postponed earlier this Summer. But not even an Earthquake or a hurricane could suppress the passion and energy this new memorial inspires in people. That was evident in the powerful speeches given by a myriad of accomplished individuals at the dedication ceremony Sunday October 16, 2011. I was tweeting so hard and fast that my computer threatened to go on strike. There were just so many nuggets of wisdom that begged to be shared. With great effort I have chosen my top five quotes of the day. (These are my best recollection. Please forgive any slight paraphrasing you may discover.)

1. Diahann Carroll~ “I used to be satisfied with that little show I starred in. Now we need to own the damn station!”

2. Reverand Al Sharpton~ “It’s not about Obama, it’s about Our Mama!”

3. President Barack Obama~ “It’s precisely because Dr King was a man of flesh and blood, not stone, that he inspires us all.”

4. Ambassador Andrew Young~ “They’re not using their minds, they’re using their greedy behinds!”

5. Dan Rather~ “Intelligence trumps ignorance every time.”

I have to include a bonus, because it was echoed by everyone in attendance at the event:

#DedicateMLK Crowd to President Barack Obama~ “Four more years! Four more years!”

If you would like to see more quotes and impressions from my day check out my twitter feed under @MissLori  #DedicateMLK & #MissLoriDC. (I have posted pictures as well on my facebook fan page.) If you watched the festivities, or if you were actually there too, please share your favorite quotes of the event in a comment below. Let’s honor Dr King by picking up where he left off and lifting each other up towards a promising and inclusive future.



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