Miss Lori has a suitcase full of top 10 tech must haves for trip to DC #MissLoriDC

My suitcase for my trip to DC  for the MLK Memorial Dedication, and city tours with my kids, and the Blogalicious 2011 conference all on my own.

Who needs clothes. I’m just going to wear my technology!


1. Kodak Cameras and Video Cameras: My favorite is the Playtouch video camera. I simply can’t live without. I love that i can edit right on the camera. Means less takes for me. Saves me time and energy. I also have my electric blue Kodak Easy Share C143. A nice compact camera easy for me and my kids. (I have been working with Kodak as a volunteer “enthuser” since they sent me to the Oscars 2 years ago.)

2. Cricket A605 Modem: I need to be connected anywhere and every where when traveling. I love the independence having my own modem gives me.

3. Dell Netbook: I LOVE my Macbook, but sometimes I don’t need something all that big, especially at a conference like Blogalicious. The Dell Netbook fits easily into my purse. Paired with my Cricket modem I’m good to go  wherever life takes me. (I won this Dell Netbook quite unexpectedly from @theMotherHood a few years back. It’s been a great companion ever since.)

4. Nintendo DSI, DSI XL and 3DS: Children need some entertainment on a 12 hour car ride. Nintendo  games are the perfect compact fun. I make my children rotate the DS’s so no one can lay claim to any on model. Keeps tins relatively fair. I stress the word relatively. 😉 ( I am a Nintendo Enthused Ambassador. I have been proudly since my first Wii event 2 years ago.)

5. Jabra Headphones: Because honestly with three kids you can never have too many headphones. The Jabra headphones sit nicely in my ears and provided superior sound quality. Plus I really prefer using the Jabra corded headphones with my cell phone. I never have any problem with people hearing me on the other end, and they don’t make my ear ache like some blue tooth devices do. (I got these headphones at a Jabra event earlier this year in Chicago. I was really impressed with all of the hands free options they had to offer.)

6. Samsung Focus Cell Phone: I was given this phone at my last blogging conference, Blogher. So it seems appropriate that I am taking it for a spin at my next conference, Blogalicious. I am still learning about all of the bells and whistles this touch screen phone has to offer. but so far I find it extremely easy to use, vibrant in color, fast with uploads, and clear sound consistently. It’s definitely keeping me focused. I also purchased, on my own, an extra cell phone battery. Thought the focus has done well with regular every day use. I know that on this trip I will be active for many more hours in the day. Having a back up battery is always a good idea.

7. Compact Dual USB Car Charger: With all of this Technology in the car I have to have charging options. The dual USB charger I picked up at Target is perfect. It economizes space while maximizing effectiveness.

8. Igo green Power Smart Wall Charger: Whether I am staying with friends or a hotel I always bring a power strip. But now I am greener in my efforts with this Igo Smart Wall Charger. ( I actually won this at Blogalicious last year.) It’s smart because 2 of the four outlets it has automatically shuts down when not in use. Therefore I am 50%  less like of a power vampire. Now that’s smart!

9. Toshiba Thrive Tablet: This item is the newest item in my technological arsenal. it only just arrived right before we piled in the car to drive to DC. I chose this model for it’s USB ports and SD card slot. I thought they would make it easier for me to transfer media amongst my various cameras and computers. (I also really liked the price which I found $30 less on Amazon.com than the lowest price on BestBuy.com, plus free shipping.) I am very excited to start video blogging with this tablet especially since it is equipped with both forward and rear facing cameras. I plan to share the techniques that I develop in my  workshop at BlogWorld LA next month; Camera Ready-Vlogging and Media Training for the Social Media Influencer. ( if you want to attend BlogWorld LA, enjoy 20% off on me. Use the code BWEVIP20!)

10. Number 10 in my technological must have travel list for my trip to DC doesn’t go in the suitcase, but rather the suitcase goes inside of it. The 2011 Buick Enclave. I am driving this beautiful car from Chicago to DC and back again with all three of my kids and their father. We are a tall bunch, but luckily the Enclave gives us the room we need, and with comfort to boot. But the best part is the Buick Enclave is primed for this technological age. It has car charging ports everywhere you need them, and it even has an outlet in the console facing the 2nd row. That’s my favorite. My kids though really appreciate that the DVD entertainment system gives them a great option for when they don’t feel like digging into their suitcases for their other electronic gadgets. I love the quiet that overtakes the car when they are all watching. Plus, I am getting better gas mileage on the highway, about 21MPG, than I did in the city when I drove this car the last time.

So there you have it, my list of technological must haves for travel with my kids by car. What are some of your goto items. Please let me know. Black Friday is coming and have to start preparing my list!



* Level 1 Post: Some or all of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

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