Miss Lori says sometimes the proof is in the jeans

As you may already know for the last several weeks I have been working with nutritionist rock star David Grotto to help me craft a better eating plan to make my body more functional by day and by night. I have evaluated my calories by tracking my meals on Nutrihand.com. I’ve switched around my menu with protein by day and carbs by night. I’ve worked on increasing my fiber, my potassium and my veggie intake. All of this has produced some measurable results. I have been totally surprised by it all, but never more than I was this week. Why? Because this week I was in DC for work, inspiration, play, tourism and the Blogalicious conference. And you know what that usually spells: OVEREATING. It’s not our fault. It’s very hard to stay on any kind of track when you are at the mercy of the food you can find rather than meals you can plan. Well, usually that means disaster, but as I said, this week shocked me. Eventhough there were many days of fast food, I found myself making informed choices. Plus I wasn’t ravenous and craving junk after the first junky meal. Not only that, I had so much energy. Thank goodness because we WALKED DC BABY! By the time I got to the Blogalicious Conference on Thursday, when my meals got immensely better in consistent quality, I didn’t feel bloated or run down. No, I felt relatively light. Literally and figuratively. But how did  I really know that my food wasn’t slowing me down, well the proof is in the jeans. My blue jeans to be exact! Not just any blue jeans. The Miraclebody jeans that I received from the Getting Gorgeous event in NYC at Blogher in 2010. The ones that have been sitting neatly in my closet because I could nary get a thing into them. Not anymore. Not only can I get a thigh into them I can get two! Honestly I couldn’t believe it. I felt sooooo good. My kids even remarked on my walk. They said I looked like I was feeling good. Not a bad comment. I will take that for sure.

The moral of this story:  you can have your turkey burger, (or two), from the Good Stuff Eatery and still WORK IT in your jeans! You just have to make some changes, incremental changes, to what, when and how much you eat. A little adjustment can go a long way. I’m living proof. Proof in a pair of Awesome Miraclebody blue jeans! It’s a MIRACLE!

If you like the tips I relay here from David Grotto you will love the others he gives on Sears FitStudio. Check out Dave’s Raves here! As well as his Kitchen Makeover series.



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Miss Lori is not a Doctor nor does she play one on TV. However, David Grotto is a licensed nutritionist, and Miss Lori is his patient. The suggestions that Miss Lori has relayed in this post are the one’s offered by David Grotto, designed to meet her personal needs. Please consult your own physician for specific guidelines concerning your own health regimen.

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  1. Marie Nichols says:

    Great Job in fitting into your gorgeous jeans! You look great! Keep up the good work have a great week.

  2. Whoohoo. You look amazing. Awesome job on keeping it healthy while away!

  3. Shannon Sander says:

    Great job on making healthy decisions while on travel and rocking those jeans!!