Miss Lori gets a bounce for her #SearsKmartHoliday photo tweet at #LATISM11

Last week I conducted a media training workshop for social media influencers at BlogWorld Expo Los Angeles. It was an interactive experience. (As most things that I do are.) I brought along mirrors for the attendees to look at themselves in. I told them we needed to get uncomfortable to get comfortable. After making them peer at themselves a bit I talked to them about their appearance in video and picture work, the real hot button in blogging these days. Most of us can’t travel around with a makeup and lighting crew, so we have to make do ourselves. Which actually is easier than we realize. All you need is some white poster board and the game will change immediately. White poster board can be used to bounce nay light available up onto your face, brightening up not only your features, but your entire message. The workshop was quite a success, and my pupils went away with many tools to help them take ACTION on film.

When I got home to Chicago I personally had an opportunity to put my suggestions to work at the 2011 LATISM conference at Navy Pier. While attending the conference I wandered into the Sears/Kmart Booth which was adorned with draped mannequins. So many accessories just begging for attention. I was told that the items were there to encourage participants to play dress up and create an outfit to photograph. The goal is to tweet the picture with the #SearsKmartHoliday hashtag all in hopes of being the person most retweeted before the end of the conference on Friday Nov 11, to win a $250 giftcard for Kmart or Sears. Well, Christmas is only 7 weeks away which is making my Mommy heart palpitate so I wasn’t going to pass on a chance to win a giftcard. So I dove into the items and created an outfit of my own using pieces from Sofia Vergara’s collection, and heaven help me the Kardashian collection too. (I know, I couldn’t believe it either.) I was actually quite pleased with what I put together, but what I wasn’t pleased with was the lighting in the booth, because there practically was none. I’m not kidding. It was so dark I could barely see some of the accessories on the table. Well that just wasn’t going to do if I wanted to create a $250 giftcard worth tweet. So I went into the hallway in search of an idea, and I found a sign. No literally, I found a sign made out of poster board. I took it off of the easel and brought it back to the booth. The young women manning the booth didn’t know what I was up to at all. I am pretty sure they thought I was a little looney, that is until they saw the effect the poster board had on my picture. Holding the poor man’s bounce card under my face, reflecting the meager ambient light onto my face, was a game changer.

Luckily not only did I have the bounce card, but I also have a pretty powerful flash on the camera in my Samsung Focus phone. Nevertheless I specifically chose light colored accessories to keep my photo bright as well. I didn’t want to disappear in blackness in my own photo. You can see before i put the bounce card into position there were shadows falling on my face. But after I raised the card up….

Do you see the difference? Pretty cool, huh? (If my outfit inspires you to shop I suggest going to Sears this Sunday November 13. From6-9pm they are having a very special friends and family sale with better than black Friday prices! Just saying).

You know these photos aren’t retouched. They are just typical phone photo’s for tweets. And that’s exactly what I did with it, I tweeted it out.

RT @MissLori: Do u think I look very #kardashian in my #searskmartholiday outfit? http://t.co/jr7CPlz7 pls RT & help me #win #latism11

Now I guess we will have to see if my bounce card not only gave me a bounce of light, but enough power to inspire my followers to retweet me to the finish line and win a $250 Sears/Kmart giftcard. It may be a tall order for one piece of poster board, but matter what, it was sure fun trying. Will you retweet me?

Have you ever tried to use a bounce card? What are you waiting for? Get thee some light. And be sure to share your photos with m here. I want to see the sparkle in your eyes.



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  1. James Hills says:

    Thanks for stopping by our booth!  Sorry I missed you – was down there yesterday morning.