Miss Lori fell off the bull but she is determined to get back on for her health

When you fall off of the Bull you simply must dust yourself off and get back on for another ride!
10 weeks ago I started on a specific journey of health with nutrtitionist David Grotto.

My intial goal was to find more sleep in my life by tailoring my menus to include foods that would help prepare my body for good slumbers. I had resigned myself to my larger frame. I wasn’t happy about it, but I just couldn’t find any time to work out within my insane performance and “life” schedule. But I knew that if I could get more sleep at least I would feel more functional, and maybe my body would be too. A girl could hope. (The video above is hard to watch not because the bull threw me, but because I was the heaviest I have been in my whole life, including my pregnancies.) While looking for sleep what I actually found, or rather what I lost, was inches. It was an incredibly pleasant surprise, and surprisingly it was kind of easy. For so long I have felt trapped in my own body, a victim of a lack of time and sometimes unpleasant circumstance. But with just a couple of key switches in my diet, (my food plan not a DIET), I was able to find the success that has been eluding me since the birth of my third child 8 years ago. It was life changing. I stood taller, I smiled brighter and to be perfectly honest I walked with a heck of a lot more sass, period. It was AWESOME.

But then, as usual, my life got crazy and became a hill to be scaled before reaching the finish line. With each week that passed the hill got taller and I lost more and more ground while gaining back pounds. I kept telling myself, it wasn’t a big deal that I wasn’t recording my food intake on Nutrihand.com. I was intelligent enough to remember the guidlines that David had so kindly set out for me. I had surely internalized all that I had been doing the first couple of weeks. I could carry on solo since David and I weren’t able to pair up our schedules. WRONG! Defeated  by ego once again. A couple of weeks of painstaking work is not enough to permanently alter eating habits solidified from years of practice. No way, no how.

So where am I today? Well, thankfully the scale hasn’t moved that much further from my lowest number of a few weeks ago, but I can feel my body in stasis instead in a state of decrease. Yes, I could actually feel myself melting for a time. It was AWESOME! But I have to go back to square one. Buckle down,( or saddle up if you will), and get back to basics. I need to record ALL of my food on Nutrihand.com. I need to shop with my
new nutrition guidelines in mind. I need to make the extra time to prepare food to take with me so I don’t get stuck eating out, and poorly. Most of all I need to schedule a long overdue coaching call with my friend and savior David Grotto. No point in beating myself up for being human. The only thing that matters is that I am still in this to win this.
Yes, I did get thrown by this bull called life, but I shall ride again!
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  1. Dave Grotto says:

    Ride it, GF! I’m here for you!