Gatorade is helping Sportsmom Miss Lori pack her GMC Terrain trunk with a pledge of support for young athletes

What kind of Mom are you?







If you want to know what kind of Mom I am all you have to do is look in my trunk!

Some days I’m a working mom. Some I’m a Stay at Home Mom. Some I’m a Carpool Mom. Some days I’m a Dance Mom, and some days, (a lot of some days), I’m a Sportsmom, and that’s no small feat. It requires much more than a well packed trunk, (although, don’t get me wrong, that really helps). Frankly, well packed or not, to be an effective Sportsmom to more than one child in particular, you simply have to have a trunk, of any size. My kids play basketball, soccer, volleyball, and they also dance. That means a lot of traveling. This past week was a particularly demanding sports week, because it also involved a holiday and trips out of town. Lucky for me I had the opportunity to drive a new GMC Terrain. It made travel to and from games, practices, classes… and oh yeah, my own concerts, (not to mention trips to the store to stock up on gear, uniforms, snacks and beverages), that much easier. Being a Sportsmom is not for the faint of heart. Don’t take my word for it, listen to some of my fellow gatorade Sportsmoms tell their story in a video we made this Summer in San Diego at the 2011 Blogher conference. BECOME VIDEO

Being a Sportsmom is exhausting, but we do it; the schlepping, the long hours, the early days, the budget crunching…we do it all because our kids need it. They need sports for the physical activity, the character enrichment, the emotional development and more. But not every athlete has everything that they need to pursue their dreams, which is why organizations like the Women’s Sports Foundation are so important, because every child deserves a helping hand to keep them active and motivated. My friends at Gatorade know that, which is why they have instituted a pledge drive in which they are matching funds to your support pledges.You invest your heart and they will match that with dollars, $10 a pledge, up to $10,000 dollars in fact. How’s that for a big return on an investment?!

So, what are you waiting for? Click, type, and change the life of a child athlete today. You don’t have to be a Mom to be a Sportsmom!



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