Miss Lori says old and new combine in community at The National Hellenic Museum

 Saturday December 10th a new museum will join the roster of entertaining and educating outlets available to Chicago familes. The National Hellenic Museum. I got the chance to preview this beautiful building and sample the wonders that it has to offer to the community. Let me tell you this museum is not your grandmother’s museum, it’s a museum about the ages, but friendly to this technology driven age. I found out their secret plan to go viral from the museums own curator Bethany Fleming.

What I want from a museum is a parenting partner. I want there to be interactive elemnets that will bring the subject matter to life for my children providing little nugget conversation starters that will ignite discussion between my children and me, giving us something to bond over while learning together. The first installation at the National Hellenic Museum does just that. Gods, Myths and Mortals is housed in the first floor of the new museum through August of 2012. It was created by the Children’s Museum of Manhattan and gives visitors of all ages the chance to commune with the Gods.

But the exhibit is only one piece of many that is dedicated to expanding the minds of young people and their parents. The Museum also has a dynamic education center that converts from a classroom to an art studio, and can accommodate up to 80 students. The center has a flexible curriculum designed to ameet the needs of kids K-12 covering ancient art, heroic qualities, cultural identity, the immigrant experience and Ancient Greek influences on America.

Afeter you fill your mind with knowledge you can percolate on the 3600 square foot rooftop terrace that includes a prarie garden and a panoramic view of Greektown. And it will be wired for sound and surfing to boot. I anticipate many a party on that terrace don’t you? But in between parties I plan to take advantage of it for some R and R this Summer especially!

Something for everyone in every community that’s the impression I came away with after my preview of the National Hellenic Museum. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself. Find the inner God and Goddess in you!



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