Nutritionist David Grotto gives Miss Lori 4 goto food items to add to her routine in town or traveling


One of the reasons I fell off track last month was because of all of my traveling. I was okay at the beginning of my adventures, still ridding high from my stellar September and October, but that burn could only take me so far, and last so long. My big downfall was the fact that I couldn’t be in control of my own food. I would do my best to make the “healthiest” choices on the menu’s available to me, but that didn’t always make much of a difference. I mean bad is bad right? Anyway, when nutritionist David Grotto and I were finally able to get our schedules aligned and get back together on a consultation call my first and most important question to him was, “What can I do to keep me on track when my World takes me out of my comfort zone?” And as always Master health guru David Grotto had an answer for me. even better it’s one that will be easy for me to assimilate into my home routine, and use as the basis for my new out of town routine as well. There are four components, a banana, an apple, nuts and Ensure Muscle. These are items that I can generally have access to even when traveling. BONUS!

Why these four things? Well, they will help me stave off hunger, or as David says, “Keep me satiated.” (I love those SAT words.) The nuts help with my munchie crunchy habit too! But let me not get ahead of myself. Let me explain how I intend to use these items.

First of all the all mighty banana. David suggests that I eat the banana before I eat ANY meal, particularly a meal that may not be as much on the nice list as it is on the naughty list. The banana will help me fell fuller sooner, especially if it is a little under-ripe. Why? Because an under-ripe banana has more starch in it and thus it takes the body longer to break the starch down, causing your blood sugar to rise more slowly than with a ripe banana. One more reason to go green!

Next the nuts. They are the easiest thing in the world for me to carry around with me. Best to buy a large bag and pre-make smaller snack baggies to throw in my purse, my carry-on, my car…you name it. The protein, the omega 3’s, the fiber, all will help me satisfy my hunger pangs. Plus the effort that is takes to chew them, well, that’s satisfying to me mentally as well. Gotta soothe the psyche as well as the tummy. Peanuts are great, walnuts, and my personal favorite…ALMONDS. Stay away from the cashews, because you get less bang for your chew with those, and a lot more calories. Yes, nuts do pack a calorie whallup in general, but that’s why it’s in your best interests to pre-make the snack baggies. You will be less likely to overindulge that way.

Next up the infamous apple. An apple a day and all that. Apples provide some good healthy fiber and vitamin C. Both go a long way towards helping not only keep the doctor away, but your hunger as well. Keeping an apple on hand for a snack at any time in any place. (Well, except maybe the library. Don’t want your crunch to get you kicked out!) These days, even while traveling, finding an apple is fairly easy. A lot of hotels have bowls of them at the front desk. And now even drugstores like Walgreens and CVS even offer some fresh fruit for purchase at the counter. So, keep an apple with you at all times. That way you never get caught in a desperate search for food.

Lastly Ensure Muscle Health Shakes. Now this you can’t carry on the plane, so you would have to buy it once you reach your destination. But like apples, many drugstores carry this brand. And lets face it, there seems to be a drugstore on every corner these days, no matter where you are staying. I find that breakfast is one of the hardest meals for me to get right while traveling. Hotel continental breakfasts are loaded with carb and sugar options, but less like to have plentiful protein choices. My day has to start with protein or my tank runs dry fast. Drinking Ensure Muscle Health Shakes gives me 13g of protein to get my engine revved up. “But Miss Lori you can get that kind of protein from most protein shakes. Why Ensure Muscle Health Shakes?” Because the Muscle version contains Revigor™, the amino acid metabolite HMB, and protein to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. The only thing I want to lose is fat. I am guarding my precious muscle! Your fat to muscle ratio is a lot like your debt to income ratio. You want the first low and the second high. Although these days most of us carry as much fat as we do debt, ie TOO MUCH. Not healthy at all. Ensure Muscle Health Shakes are a line of defense against that. The more muscle yo have versus fat that healthier you are. The healthier you are, the more productive you are. The more productive you are, the more income you can produce or save! Ca-Ching!

One thing I want to add to the list that David didn’t mention is some sort of treat. When you are traveling, especially to conferences or for the holidays, there are always treats…everywhere! You are only human, of course you want to have a taste. Geez, who wouldn’t. I have found that by carrying around some of my own sweet treats I can satisfy my taste buds without derailing my healthy progress. I was introduced to Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Candy Bars and Dreamy Clusters at Blogher this past Summer in San Diego. What a revelation! Only about 120 calories, each dripping with flavor. I don’t have to feel left out or overstuffed. I can have my treat and my mini dress too! BONUS!

Our list isn’t the only list. I would  love to hear some of your goto items. Remember, the more we help each other the more we help ourselves. 

So, pack your bag with all that you need to survive in this big bad World of food. Whether in town or out of town you no longer have to feel out of control. Empower your food, empower your health, empower yourSELF!



This is a:

* Level 1 post: Some of the products or services mentioned were provided to Miss Lori free of charge.

*Level 13 post: The Nature Made product mentioned was bought and paid for with Miss Lori’s own hard earned money that she doesn’t have a lot of, and thus doesn’t like to part with, so it must have been important.

Miss Lori is not a Doctor nor does she play one on TV. However, David Grotto is a licensed nutritionist, and Miss Lori is his patient. The suggestions that Miss Lori has relayed in this post are the one’s offered by David Grotto, designed to meet her personal needs. Please consult your own physician for specific guidelines concerning your own health regimen.

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  1. Dave Grotto says:

    Hi Mary Jo. I LOVE Zing bars – they are the best! And your powers of observation are amazing! Indeed, Miss Lori is beautiful!!

  2. Thanks for the support Mary-Jo and the contribution. I am not a coffee drinker myself, but I do love Chai and Green Tea Latte’s with skim milk! Being an Energizer Bunny is completely required these days.


  3. Hi, Miss Lori! I completely agree with David’s go-to suggestions and love your own ‘treat’ idea. I personally ‘go to’ Zing bars when I travel and need something sweet, but high in protein and other multinutrients. As an RD, foods with a big nutritional punch are my ‘comfort foods’, believe it or not!  Also, what helps me are my soy lattes — from Starbucks, yes, — but also from the many other coffee bars that now exist.  Coffee is packed with anti-oxidants and that hot, milky drink helps to stave off impulse eating. Also, when travelling, it keeps the Energizer bunny in me fuelled up to keep up with my busy and hectic schedule. Keep up your healthy habits — you’re beautiful!