Miss Lori does not have resolutions for 2012 she has resolve.

We all talk about resolutions for the coming year, but they rarely get put into action longer than a few months. So for 2012 I am laying down a blueprint for my own personal success. I am specifically stating, not resolutions, not intentions, but a certified to do list that I WILL get done. Not TRY but DO. Because if you want something done you don’t just try to accomplish it, no, you put your nose to the grindstone and you do it. There simply isn’t enough time in this lifetime to be wasted on limp efforts. Thus, I have compiled a list of 6 tasks that I intend to accomplish in 2012. Why 6 and not 12 like everyone else? Because my tasks are doubly important to me, and therefore, worth two points each. ūüėČ

Counting down, in no particular order. (Because that is what you do with New Years’ lists):

6. Acquire the financing to finish my long awaited second album. I have 6 songs produced and another 8 written and ready to record. I released my first album in 2007. I released my first DVD in 2010. My fans have been so patient, but 2012 is the year for me to finally deliver on my promise to provide new material for their education and entertainment. Writing my first album made me overwhelmingly proud of myself. It was something I wasn’t actually sure I could do. Then the response from families was so positive. My music made a difference in their lives. Selfishly, I want to experience that HIGH again.

5. Sell my house. I have been living in a state of limbo for the last two years. In 2012 I want to finally close the book on this chapter of my life and move forward. I have learned so much about myself, about my needs, and most importantly about what I am worth in these last few years in particular. It’s time for me to finally put that new found understanding to use and embark upon a new chapter of more fulfilled living. Selling my house is the catalyst that will propel this new effort forward. I deserve it, and so do my kids.

4. Book at least 3 speaking engagements. In 2011 I had the great fortune of speaking at Midwest Moms Media Brands and Bloggers Conference, ( now known as Social RevUp), and at BlogWorld LA.¬†Nearly my whole life has been spent in front of an audience, singing, dancing, performing, but there is so much more to me professionally than that. I have done speaking presentations and workshops in schools and for special groups, but Deb Ng, Rick Calvert and MJ Tam gave me the opportunity to step in front of the Social Media World, and it felt good. In 2012 I want to add more conferences to my resume. Sharing my unique understanding of branding, media training, personal development and edutainment to more bloggers, influencers and professionals. Many people have knowledge to share, but I know that I possess the talent to not only educate, but inspire. And that’s just what I intend to do.

3. Get back to broadcasting. One of my great achievements in life was the cultivation of a following based on my work on the PBS Kids Preschool Block from 2006-2009. I am very proud of the work that I did as the first ever live host of that series. In its’ first season my efforts on air contributed to an overall double digit percentage¬†increase¬†in the ratings of morning viewing on PBS nationally. While that work was fulfilling it wasn’t solely my own, and it didn’t specifically¬†address¬†my mission to increase the overall health and wellness of children and their families. That is why it was even more rewarding to produce my own healthy interstitials which aired for the past year on Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW 11. Having children approach me at my more than 80 live concerts in Illinois alone, singing my Miss Lori’s CAMPUS anthem that they heard on my interstitials, and excitedly asking to attend Miss Lori’s CAMPUS wherever it may be, well, as they say, that was priceless. In 2012 I intend to find a regular place on air again, to continue to serve children and their families.

2. Publish a book. If you have attended any of my Miss Lori’s CAMPUS Playstory Time programs, or my WTTW Readers are Leaders tours,¬†you have heard one of my “Little Miss Lori; Adventures in Five Year Old Living” stories. I write the stories to fill what I see to be a void of multi-cultural based human characters serving as literary parenting partners for all of our kids. I have been performing the stories for years. And every time I perform them parents and children alike ask me where they can buy my books. It’s time that I gave them a positive answer. But I know, realistically, to produce the series as it deserves to be produced requires a solid, reliable foundation that can be built upon. Which is why in 2012 I intend to self publish ebooks about parenting and about social media. In doing so I will increase my audience, and lay the foundation of notoriety and bankability necessary to produce my LML series in 2013; on-line, in print and as an interactive app. Now that’s a plan for success!

1. Become the healthy me that I deserve to be. As those of you who are frequent visitors to my MissLori.TV site know health is very important to me, mine and everyone elses’. I have been steadily documenting my own personally journey of imporoved health starting with my ambassadorship for the AHA Go Red for Women BetterU program in 2010. I embarked on this journey because, since the birth of my third child my weight has steadily escalated from stress, building my business, stress, raising a family, stress, travel, stress, sleep deprivation, stress, stress, stress. Surprisingly this high weight time is the first time in my life that ¬†have ever felt truly beautiful. Crazy huh? However, now that I have achieved this greater sense of inner self it’s time for me to match my outer self more appropriately. It’s not that I can’t be beautiful inside and out as a plus size, but my current plus size is slowing me down and costing me time. Time with my family. Time with my friends. Time to achieve all that I want to achieve in this lifetime. So it is time for me to stop working at losing weight and just DO it. I will start 2012 at around 200lbs and I will end it at least 30lbs lighter. Because if there is less of me, there will ultimately be more of me to dedicate to my kids, my work, to me…and I deserve it.

What will you do in 2012?



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