Miss Lori lists 12 things she would like to blog about this year

I have been blogging now for several years. In the beginning I blogged to help promote my concerts, and to share my insights about my life as a mother and artist. Since that first post my brand has grown and so has my coverage. Now a full blown Marketainer I blog about everything from tech to parenting, to social causes and cars! It is a very rewarding development. But I am not one to stand still. I always want to grow and develop. Which is why on the heels of creating my WILL DO list of resolve for 2012, I have created a wish list of 12 subjects that I would like to blog about in concert with brands and initiatives. This is my effort to push forward on my blogging journey, further my education, and continue to inspire of my loyal and deserving community. “If you build write it they will come.”


1. I am adopted. And even though I discovered my birth mother in 1991 and my birth father in 1997 Is till feel like an alien dropped from outer space sometimes. I found them, but I don’t really know or understand my ancestral history. In 2012 I would love to partner with a company like Ancestry.com and dig deep into the lineage that made me possible. I am curious if it will show any patterns that would make me feel more grounded on this earth. If knowing the people in my line would shed any light on who I am in this life. I think it would be a interesting journey that I would love to share with my community

2. In 2012 I had the pleasure of driving so many cars, but the ones that intrigued me the most were the electric cars. After speaking with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn last Summer at his energy press conference, and then test driving the Nissan Leaf, I am convinced that electric cars are a great answer for our future. I believe that electric cars are most definitely a positive future answer to our negative present. But that can only be true, in my opinion, if it is an answer that families can readily take advantage of. But when I watch the ads for cars like the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and the Toyota Prius, I don’t see me, a 40 year old mulit-cultural mother of three growing kids living in the city. I see 20 somethings, and they are mostly caucasian too. Definitely not my reflection. (It’s like my first PBS Kids audition all over again.) I would like to be the first city family to do a long term demo of an electric car. I believe that by demonstrating how an electric car can fit into my crazy life, (three kids with various sports and artistic obligations, over 80 concerts a year in Illinois, and numerous marketainment meetings and meetups), will prove that a more typical family can make the leap to an electric car with ease. My mission is to improve the overall health and wellness of children and their families. Giving families a viable answer to their transportation needs that doesn’t rely on high priced gasoline would help to do just that. I don’t just want to live in te future I want to help make it happen.

3. I am a college graduate. A BFA in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory. Although I actually did a four year program in only 2 1/2 years of actual school time. Long story. Odd though considering how much I really like school. I love learning. My original goal was to get a graduate degree, but there has never been the time. It feels as though I have a graduate degree in life however, with all of the work that I have been doing with kids and families through my company. People look to me as an expert. I’d love to legitimize their confidence with an actual degree. In 2012 I would like to team up with an online graduate degree program like PhoenixCapella or even one attached to an adult program at a college or university here in Chicago, and show all of the busy people out there like me that they can still achieve their education dreams without disrupting their fast pace of life. At least I hope that is the case. Only way to find out is to dig in and try.

4. I feel like a teen-ager again. It’s not my energy level or zest for life. No, it’s my skin! And it’s not pretty. I am living the life of a teenager with breakouts constantly. It’s awful. Even though I am old enough not to base my self confidence on my skin it does have an effect on me. I mean I am human and all. But I know I am not alone. There are a lot of women out there my age experiencing a fluctuation of hormones that are causing a battle in their pores. In 2012 I would like to team up with an adult skincare program like Oil of Olay, Dermalogica, Proactiv  or a spa specialty that could give me the tools to get the skin that reflects my true age and stage in life. One that reflects the pride that I feel about who I am and who I have grown to be.

5. One of the tasks on my 2012 WILL DO list is to self publish on of my book ideas on parenting or social media. But truth be told I have no idea where to start. In 2012 I would like to take my WILL DO publishing task and document the process for other would be authors to follow, from idea to finished product? Is it really something anyone can do? At what cost? Those are questions I hope to answer for me and for everyone else out there with something they would like to share with a broader community.

6. In the market for new tech? How could you to be with so much to choose from out there, and new things popping up everyday. It’s hard to keep up. At least I find it hard. It’s especially hard because we all have fewer dollars to go around. So we can’t just dibble and dabble willy nilly. We have to make informed choices. But who has the time to do that level of research. No one really, but luckily we have the internet and blogs like mine who try and do some of the work for you. Now I am not a tech reviewer I am a shareviewer., sharing my personal experience with brands and products in much the same way that you might use it too in your daily life. The big question for me this year? New Tablet or a new PC, which will serve us better? In 2012 I would like to team up with brands like Motorola to help document, through video and pictures, how a tablet or a new PC would fit into our lives. Which will give us the most bang for our personal buck? Inquiring minds want to know, so I intend to inquire!

7. At the beginning of a new year most of us resolve to get healthier and improve our exercise regimen. Which sends us scouring the internet for the best diet, the most effective equipment and so on. I am not immune. Although for me the journey towards better health is a continuous process, not just for me but as a positive example to my kids ad my community. Being involved in social media has afforded me the opportunity to work with many great people brands and products in my efforts to get me and my community healthier and stronger. The one item I have yet to profile that I think would make a huge difference in my progress is a Treadmilll. Having a treadmill ready for me to use in my home, available at the odd hours that I actually have free, could be life altering. And not just for me, not just for my athletic kids, but also for our giant dog. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!) I am serious! In the Winter it’s harder for our dogs to get the kind of exercise they need to stay mentally at ease. I watch the Dog Whisperer! I know there are dogs making their lives better running on treadmills. I would love to see what happens if both my pooch and I were able to amp up our activity on a treadmill. Who do you think would get fitter faster?

8. “Side by Side by Phone Plan.” This winter my mother was in desperate need for a new phone. When she went to her local Verizon store they steered her in the direction of in my opinion a truly crappy phone, that didn’t really meet her needs and will probably break down far sooner then her contract expiration. So I started doing my own research. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a phone that would just be a phone. We are all so preoccupied with SMART phones we forget that there are people out there who feel smart enough on their own. There are also people who simply can’t afford the extra costs of a data package in this painful economy. I want to get down to brass tacks and document which phone plan or plans from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular, or Sprint would work for regular folks who just need a phone to be a phone.

9. These days I am wondering if I am truly hot enough to handle all my tech. No I am not talking about my dress size, more so the size of my wifi coverage. I can’t be the only one asking these questions. People are armed to the teeth with tech these days. Phones, tablets, laptops, game systems… Then we are slaves to available wifi in the ether. I have solved that problem a long time ago by getting an aircard for my laptop, but for all of these other gadgets, my aircard doesn’t work. Maybe it’s time for me to carry around my own hotspot? In 2012 I would like to do a comprehensive post evaluating what all of us tech saves need to stay powered up and connected.

10. In 2011 I had the pleasure of driving over 14 cars from brands such as Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, Buick, Nissan, Chrysler, Dodge and Ford. It was wonderful, until I had to return to my own used vehicle. While I used to be satisfied, after experiencing all of the bells and whistles of a new car it feels like returning to the dark ages when I have to get back into my 2005 minivan. But I don’t have to stay there, not with all of the products out there that I can add to my car to bring me into the twenty first century. In 2012 I would like to team up with companies like Jabra, On Star an others and do a post about how to soup up your used car to give it that new car feel of power and connectivity.

11. Learning a second language. I get ads for programs to teach me a foreign language all the time. They say “it’s easy”, “it’s fast”, “it’s possible”. Being fluent in a second language, particularly Spanish, is on my life bucket list. In 2012 I would really like to team up with a language education product like Rosetta Stone Primsleur Approach Language or another, and chart my journey to bilingualism. My hope is that my effort would inspire people of all ages to make learning additional languages a priority in their life opening up more of the World for their participation and consumption.

12.  I am so concerned about how dehydrated our kids are. I think it is as much a contributing factor to childhood obesity as anything. For the last four years during the Summer months in my AWESOME Health programs on the WTTW Great Food Fan Van tour I have had the opportunity to share my concerns with kids in Illinois. Encouraging them by example to make better liquid choices to keep them hydrated so they will have the energy to grow. In 2012 I want to take my message further. I want to team up with a company like Pepsico or P&G and be a “Hydration Ambassador” for kids and their families. I want to spearhead a movement that will change what we drink, how much we drink. Improving the health and wellness of not just our children but our Nation. Let’s change the course of our future and ride a wave of hydration towards better health.

So that’s what my wish list. Do you have anything you would like to see me add to it? Let me know. Together we can make things happen for 2012 and beyond!



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  1. Hi,

    I noticed your blog post on Google+ since I run our AT&T brand page there. Please let me know if there is any way my team can assist with your #8 topic.  We provide a variety of phones and plans for all kinds of customers and would love to help if we can and when you’re ready. 

    Oh and regarding #11, let me know if you have any luck. I tried a learn it fast Italian language series and well let’s just say my Italian is still limited to mispronouncing “gnocchi.”

    Have a wonderful 2012!

    Christopher Baccus
    Executive Director of Digital & Social Media
    email: christopher.n.baccus@att.com

  2. Miss Lori says:

    Thank you Sharon for you thoughtful and detailed response. I am so proud to hear that my post had an impact on your thinking, your energy and your drive. That’s what I hope for always, that I can inspire others and they will in turn inspire me. We all have something worth sharing with each other if we will only take the time to listen.

    I would definitely be interested in reading your publishing research books. The more info the better. In turn I will be sure to share with you any contacts I amass in my pursuit to be a “Hydration Ambassador” on a larger scale. It is the key health issue of our time I believe. Thank you for joining me in this mission!



  3. Sharon Couto - MomGenerations says:

    Oh my, your list is so comprehensive, provocative and perfect.  You are that swirl of incredible brilliance, love & energy that changes the world… like explorers, great thinkers, artists, MUSIC-makers and writers! 

    I’m going to jump in with #5.  Audrey and I wrote a book titled PRECONCEPTION PLAIN & SIMPLE – A DELICIOUSLY SMART & SEXY GUIDE IN PREPARING FOR PREGNANCY when Audrey was ready to have a baby but didn’t want to go through all the stress she saw other women going through.  There was nothing fun in publication on this topic, so we wrote the book and self-published.  We sold many copies and are still selling a few here and there!  I know I must have all of the books we used to research self-publishing and I’m going to search my home for them and get them to you if you want them.  Obviously our information helped Audrey!!!! (That’s 4 exclamation points for 4 boys!!!!)  Audrey swears by the knowledge she gained!!!!

    #7 – TREADMILL.  Yes, I want one of these, too.  I LOVE running outside.  LOVE IT.  Especially in the winter.  But there are days (and nights) when I need a good run and cannot fit it in to get outside.  Maybe I’ll get Jane’s dogs to run on it, too!

    #11 – Yes, I took the 4 years of college prep Spanish way back in the 60’s… and when I graduated from high school I knew how to say HELLO.  That’s it.  My husband is Portuguese and would LOVE to learn his grandparents’ language.  (I’m half Polish/half Irish)  I’d love this to be the year I expand this horizon.

    #12 – This hydration issue is life-saving.  I am going to ride on your coattails for SENIOR CITIZENS’ HYDRATION ISSUES.  You struck such a chord with me on this one… having 9 grandkids who are all young, active and involved in all kinds of activities and my Mom, who is almost 87.  It’s my Mom (and lots of senior citizens) who are so worried about incontinence that they don’t hydrate, which leads to all kinds of VERY serious issues, as you know.  I will be following you intently on this issue.  If you have any info you can pass along to me, or contacts, this is my mission for 2012.  Something has to be done to get our elderly folks to learn about hydration.

    WOW.  Your list has my mind going 100 mph!    Thank you for all of your inspiration this morning and thanks for being YOU! 

    -Sharon Couto  xo!