Miss Lori is taming her kids’ hunger with Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches after school

One of the hardest tasks I have every day is feeding my children afterschool. It is a monumental task because my children are absolutely ravenous when school lets out. If I don’t get them fed immediately they start gnawing on each other, and that can make a mother want to pull her hair out by the roots. Sure, I can throw bars, jello, puddings and crackers in the car. It’s super easy, but not very effectual. You see my kids are ages 13, 10 and 8, but more importantly they are 6’3″, 5’2″ and 4’10”. (Yeah, I don’t breed ’em small.)  Therefore, if I don’t want my monstrous children to turn into real live monsters I have to fortify them with some protein after school, or else. The other hurdle has to deal with temperature. My kids generally take a bag lunch with them to school. (School lunch, they say, is just too frightening to contemplate.) As such, after school they don’t want any more cold items, especially in the cold of Winter. So my other task is to pack snacks that will warm them up. I have been known to bring microwave dinners with me in insulated bags, but they don’t always travel well, not every kid likes them, and they take a lot of time to prepare. What’s a Mom to do? Well, I will tell you.

Yesterday I bought a new product that is the answer to all of my dilemmas, Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. Don’t let the word mini fool you. These sandwiches pack a BIG punch. They come in packages of two, with four packages per box. And the box only costs a little over $5 at Walmart. That’s less than 65 cents per sandwich. But that is only good news if your kids will eat them.

I have hungry kids in my house, but they are also pretty darn picky too. So I wasn’t sure how they would respond when I brought the sandwiches home. I decided to throw caution to the wind. I cooked up one package right away and set it out on a plate. It didn’t take long for my eldest daughter to come sniffing around. She snatched the sandwich off the plate and took a bite before it had even cooled! Once her mouth stopped burning she was quite happy. So happy she called her younger sister over to share in the experience. (No, not the burning experience… at least not this time.) Without hesitation she also chomped on the mini sandwich and came up smiling. Double thumbs up, crumbs and all.

What about my giant son you say? Well at 6’3″ he eats anything…and everything…and fast. So fast that I didn’t even notice him when he swooped into the kitchen, heated up his own package, ate it, and was back outside playing basketball before I could even ask him what he thought. I will take that as a positive.

What more could a mom ask for?

How about a a special offer? Right now if you buy two boxes of Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at Walmart, they will send you a $5 Walmart giftcard for use on future purchases. That’s like getting a box of #TysonGoodness for free! (Be a smarter shopper too. Find out which Walmart carries the mini’s before you shop by logging on here.)

This is great! Heading back to school next week I will be armed with a new tool, Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches complete with #TysonGoodness. A great parenting partner for this Mom and her growing kids.

What are you feeding your kids after school? Please share your ideas in the comment section. Remember, parenting is a team sport. We are all in this together!



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  1. My kids love Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches too!  Your gals are absolutely GORGEOUS, just like their mama.  I can’t believe your son is only 13 and 6’3″.  That’s just INSANITY.  I hope you have tall ceilings!

  2. My kids love Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches too!  Your gals are absolutely GORGEOUS, just like their mama.  I can’t believe your son is only 13 and 6’3″.  That’s just INSANITY.  I hope you have tall ceilings!