Miss Lori wants you to help POWERHOUSE Volleyball Club in Chicago keep all kids active

If you are familiar with my efforts you know that I am desperately focused on increasing the overall health and wellness of children and their parents. One important piece of armor in this fight is physical activity. A great way to get an abundance of that is to have your child participate in organized sports. Not only do organized sports help develop gross motor skills, but the cardio vascular activity helps keep the mind alert and focused ready for learning. And organized sports aid in socio-emotional development, encourage teamwork and leadership skills, all things that we as parents want for our kids. That’s why I am a big supporter of extra curricular athletic programs like the POWERHOUSE Volleyball Club here in Chicago. My daughter just started with them this year and it has been an enriching experience already. She is gaining skills, building confidence and establishing some relationships that are extending beyond the court. POWERHOUSE is great for my daughter, but it is great for everyones’ daughter, no matter their race, economic status or background. POWERHOUSE is committed to keeping their doors open to all of our children, but in order to do that they need money. Hey, don’t we all? “Why yes Miss Lori we do.” Well, with that in mind I believe I have a potential answer for all of us.

POWERHOUSE Volleyball Club is having their annual fundraiser raffle right now. First prize is $10,000. Second prize $2500. Third prize $1000. There are other cash and prizes too. The drawing will be on February 14th at the Flight Center in Plainfield. No worries, the winners need not be present, but you do have to have a raffle ticket to be considered. Raffle tickets are $10 a piece and every POWERHOUSE athlete is selling them, including my own. Even if you don’t live in Chicago you can still win. Anyone holding a ticket is eligible. So how do you get a ticket? Well, if you don’t personally know a POWERHOUSE athlete, from now through Tuesday you can get them through mine. Just email me and I will give you details.

Regardless of whether you enter the raffle or not I hope that you will take a moment to check out the POWERHOUSE Volleyball Club Facebook page I am helping them populate it with pictures and video. I have one video up now with some more on the way that will be useful to SportsParents like me out there who are looking for guidance and information, no matter where you live, or what club your child is playing for. So be sure to “Like” the page you can stay connected and in the know. And feel free to post questions you would like to see answered in future emails Such as demonstrations of technique, explanations of calls, or even how best to prepare your child on game day. I believe parenting is a team sport just like volleyball. We can’t do it alone. So let’s come together and share our experiences. That way we can all be better on the court of life.



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