Miss Lori offers 7 ways to hydrate that fight illness and boost recovery

Sometimes recovery can be worse than the cold or flu itself. Why? Well, because you aren’t 100% but you are well enough to return to work or school. The World expects you to march on, but in truth you are still limping. It’s easy to relapse if you don’t rebuild your system. One key ingredient in a recipe for recovery is hydration. It’s something many of us neglect, even in the best of health. But it’s a mistake easily corrected. here are seven refreshing ways to do so.


Your immune system is very vulnerable just after an illness, especially if you took any anitbiotics. That’s why you need to make sure you are arming your body with liquid protection. My daughter went back to school recently after being home sick for a month. Mornings are hardest for her to take, mainly because her body doesn’t seem to appreciate it when her stomach is empty. She complains of a “gaggy feeling” which makes her not want to eat. I have her nurse a Gatorade throughout her school day. It gives her some electrolytes and vitamins that her body desperately needs. And on particularly difficult mornings I have her drink Gatorade Recover. It’s meant for athletes to drink after expelling big energy in a game to replenish their tanks, and feed their muscles. but I have found it to be very beneficial for her to kick start her body in the morning and help her build her body back into a fully functioning vessel throughout the day.


Speaking of protein, just because you are feeling better doesn’t mean your appetite is back to normal. That’s why it is important to get the most bang for your meal buck. Protein drinks are a great way to assure that your are getting the fuel you need to fire up your recovery. My personal favorite is Ensure Muscle. It contains  Revigor™, the amino acid metabolite HMB, and protein to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. But there are a lot of great ones out there. It’s can be helpful to take pre-packaged shake mix along with you in your backpack that can be mixed with water.


You can also make your own protein drink. Spruce it up with fruit and vegetable juice or powder, throw in some ice, and you’ve got a refreshing, health elevating smoothie! Nutritionist David Grotto always encourages me to use whey protein in my smoothies, as well as fresh fruit, and some Green Super Food. That way I get protein and fiber, and I increases my fruit and vegetable intake for the day. Win! Win!


Fruit juice popsicles are a cool way to stay hydrated while sick. Plus they are very soothing to a dry or raw throat. You can make your own the old fashioned way, with toothpicks and an ice cube tray. That way you can cater to the particular flavor that your sick person has a taste for. My personal favorite is Tropicana Orange Juice. (And not just because I am a “TropiMomma”.) I find the color, as well as the taste, to be uplifting. But much like the smoothie idea, you can also infuse your popsicles with even more power by  freezing some V8 V-Fusion or something like it. There are a plethora of flavors to choose from and they have vegetables in addition to the fruit. Not only will you aid your hydration, but you will also add some much need nutrients to your body to help it fight your illness or boost your recovery.


Hot Chicken Soup. Forever the mythical solution to any illness. Not so mythical though, it really does help. The sodium helps to replace that which can be lost from the dehydration of a fever. The heat can sooth chills. The protein can arm the system.

6. TEA

From an emotional stand point, hot tea has the same comforting effects as soup. It just feels so good going down. Plus the aroma can lift your spirits-even clear your sinuses with the right scent of mint. However, Green Tea seems to have the most specific health benefits. Potentially boosting mental alertness, which can be particularly helpful in the healing process when you are still a little sluggish. It helps raise thermogenesis, potentially increasing energy endurance so that you can last a little longer in your day. And it has been known to improve the body’s immune system response. Definitely a plus when coming back from illness.


The best thing you can do, that is also the easiest, and most cost effective choice? Drink water! At least 8-10 glasses a day. It really makes a difference.




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