Miss Lori has six suggestions for achieving peaceful sleep

I have written a great deal about the need for sleep, mine in particular. A lack of sleep slows my productivity and my metabolism, but it speeds up my life, the end of it that is. Not so cool. But just understanding the importance of sleep is not enough to put us into REM space. Many people have difficulty letting go of their day, unwinding their bodies, and achieving satisfying rest. I totally get it. I’m right there with you. Not as much as I once was though, luckily. That’s because I have discovered a few tricks that help me peel away the stress of my day and find my sleep nirvana. Maybe they will work for you too.


If I read a book at night, I tend to stay up later than I should. Worse, I fall asleep with a light on and that disrupts my REM. But if I tuck  myself deep under the covers, lights out, maybe even a mask over my eyes and listen to a book on CD, I’m only a chapter away from blissful slumber.


I mean literally a heavy blanket or comforter. Sometimes in order to get us to settle down and stop bouncing around in our brains we need to be literally weighted down. No matter the season I like to sleep with this one particular heavy comforter. It’s such a relief at the end of my day to climb into bed and bury myself in it. Like a really good, warm, safety hug.


I have always had upper respiratory issues. I have allergies, and the first response is inflammation in my nasal passages. Needless to say Vicks vapo rub and I have always been on a first name basis. But when I discovered Vicks VapoRub Topical Cream, the non-greasy vapo option, I found even more comfort from my old friend. Smoothing in a bit of the cream on my chest my breathing improve instantly and I relax faster and more completely.


It’s hard to sleep if you are shivering. That’s why I love my electric blanket. I make sure to turn it on as soon as I get into my bedroom at night. That way my bed will be nice and toasty when I am ready to crawl in. When I travel it’s impractical to bring my EB along, so instead I pack a heating pad. It may not envelope my in complete warmth, but when placed under the sheets it radiates enough warmth to be inviting.


Warmth is great when it’s nippy outside, but when the temp gets blistering outdoors I prefer cool sheetsto beat the heat. That’s when I like to have a satin set to lay on. Cool and silky. Plus it keeps my hair from getting to frizzy too! Win, win!


I have always needed sound to goto sleep to. I don’t do well with silence. When I was a kid I would alternate between a metal fan in Summer and an old fashioned, not so whisper quiet humidifier or vaporizer in the Winter. But in this age of app based technology at our finger tips my quest for sleeping accompaniment is so much easier. I have a Sleep Bug app that allows me to choose a sound to zzz to. My personal choice is a combination of rain, thunder and Summer waves. Strikes the perfect cord for me to relax to.

Ahhhhhh. Nighty, night!



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  1. Miss Lori says:

    You’reright Lisa. Sleep does go deeper when your children aren’t home. Well, most of the time. Although truth is when are children aren’t home sometimes it’s even harder for us to rest, worrying and all. A parent’s eternal plight.


  2. You forgot — have your children not home.  LOL  My son sometimes wakes up several times a night, so we never get a good night sleep.