Miss Lori is ready to party with TCBY Frozen Yogurt

My tummy is ecstatic? Why you ask? Because an old friend has landed in my grocery store. TCBY Frozen Yogurt. The very frozen yogurt of my youth, is now at Walmart. No there isn’t a yogurt stand in Walmart, TCBY has packaged their deliciousness into boxes and planted them in the freezer aisle. Totally cool! 

I rushed out to Walmart this week to be the first person in line to get some. And get some I did. My cart was overflowing with goodness, but luckily that didn’t mean I was overspending. Really important in a day and age where healthy food isn’t always healthy for your wallet. But none of that matters if your kids won’t eat the food.

This is my birthday season. Each of my kids has a birthday every 17 days over the course of 34 days. ( Yeah pretty crazy huh?) So it feels like every day is a party at my house right now. That’s why I need all of this TCBYGrocery Frozen Yogurt. (It’s for them I swear!) I didn’t waste a moment. I brought some bars directly to my latest birthday girl, Jaedyn and her friend at school.

It was sooooo hot today I knew that they would be thrilled to have something refreshing. They were a little skeptical at first, but once they tasted the Strawberry Swirl bars they were loyalists!

Jaedyn was so enthralled with the bars that she couldn’t wait to get home and share the news with her sister. (A birthday girl just about two weeks ago.) Jaedyn suggested the Strawberry Swirl for KA!ANN, but decided to check out a new flavor for herself. The Chocolate Fudge!

Not only did the frozen yogurt melt away the heat of the day, it also melted any sibling tensions that tend to build up between sisters.

The #TCBYGrocery Frozen Yogurt nourished their body’s and their souls! I love that!

I also love that there are so many flavors to choose from, even for me. I unwrapped a sandwich for myself, but my son Skyler got to it first!

Then I moved onto the Mint Chocolate Chip. WOW! A little cup went a long way for me too.

But ultimately I turned to the bars, just like my girls. There is just something about a bar that brings a smile to my face. Well, that is once I put it down.


Uh Oh, we sampled so many of the TCBY treats that we don’t have enough for our birthday party! Guess it’s back to Walmart!



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  1. Miss Lori says:

    March is very popular. I guess June and July are perfect baby making months! 😉 I have to say the TCBY Frozen Yogurt has made every day feel like a birthday celebration!



  2. Miss Lori says:

    It’s the job that keeps on giving! SMILE!

  3. Miss Lori says:

    They absolutely did, and they keep asking for more! Thanks for reading Tonia!



  4. Alissa @ Rags to Stitches says:

    Love birthday season! March is a big month for birthdays in my family too.

  5. Yum! This was a fun job, wasn’t it? My kids also loved their TCBY treats.

  6. Happy Birthday season!  It looks like they enjoyed their treats!