Miss Lori celebrates her daughter’s birthday at Navy Pier

My youngest daughter Jaedyn turns 9 years old today. I can hardly believe that my little cherub is growing up as she is, fast and fabulous. But I guess it isn’t surprising, our life is moving so fast, it’s hard to keep up, or get everything in. That’s why in anticipation of Jaedyn’s birthday I ended up throwing together an improptu celebration the day before because a pocket of time opened up and friends were game for fun. An hour before the end of school bell I found out my other two kids were going to be occupied for most of the afternoon so I quickly called the parents of two of Jaedyn’s friends’ got permission to take charge of their kids, packed up a bag of snacks and headed North to grab them up. I didn’t tell them where we were headed, instead I distracted them with a movie in the minivan, (driving cinema).


The movie ended and the kids came up out of their cinema haze just in time to notice a sign.


I was busted! It was lovely to see their excitement, which only increased once we got on the Pier. By now they were positive what our ultimate destination was…BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP! Inside the store the girls were all squeals, oo’s and ah’s. As always the Customer Service team at the Navy Pier Build A Bear Workshop location took excellent care of us from the moment we walked in the door. All three kids got “Birthday Stickers” even though it was technically Jaedyn’s day. She was happy to share the spotlight with her friends.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to pick out their Forever Friends. This certainly wasn’t Jaedyn’s first rodeo. She has celebrated her birthday at this location for the last 3 years straight. She got her very first Forever Friend Daley from this very store on a Spring Break Staycation we took when she was 4. Lots of history here.

With all of Jaedyn’s experience she was able to explain every step of the way to her friends.

One of Jaedyn’s favorite parts of the Build A Bear process is the infusion of the heart. You rub it on your ears so it will listen, your shins so it will chase after you, your head so it will be smart…

Once the heart dance is done it’s time for the stuffing. Jaedyn got to control the pedal herself.

All stuffed it was time to fluff!

The process isn’t complete without a very special outfit. Jaedyn chose a tuxedo for her friend whom she named Hoppy. He needed to look spiffy to meet all of Jaedyn’ other friends back home.

All dressed up it was time to go. So we said a hearty goodbye and THANK YOU to our forever friends at the Navy Pier Build a Bear Workshop.

But we couldn’t leave Navy pier just yet. All of the stuffing and fluffing made us hungry so we stopped at the McDonalds for an electrifying snack!

Next we headed outside to enjoy the unusual temperatures and all of the sunshine. Along the way we got a little silly.

“Don’t get a big head on your birthday Jaedyn!”

So much fun, so much laughter, on such a gorgeous day. Definitely important to stop and reflect.

The bells of Navy Pier.

Forever Friends indeed.



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