Miss Lori is 41 days away from her 42nd birthday and she is NintendoEnthused

I am in the third quarter of birthday season here at my house. Both of my daughters have already celebrated theirs. Still to come this month are my son, my mother and my niece. So seeing packages outside my door is a pretty common occurrence these days. But today was special. Not only was the box the biggest to cross my threshold in a while, but it was addressed to ME!

Not so far fetched. My birthday is the fourth quarter of Birthday season around here. I have only 41 days left as age 41, and then on May 14th, 2012 I will turn 42!

Since I turned 40 I have been trying hard to make adjustments in my life to improve my overall health, wellness and productivity. I still have some great muscle tone at 41, but I decided to let me son do the heavy lifting.

Once we got the giant box upstairs my kids helped me tear it open and unwrap the surprise.

And a surprise it was. Nintendo sent me a Wii Fit Plus bundle gift box! Included is a brand new Wii, black with a new Super Mario Bros game and music CD, an updated Wii Fit Plus board with new activities and custom routines, and an entire four week exercise program including training tips and pep talks created by Los Angeles based fitness instructor Terry Stanley. Couldn’t be more perfect timing. Like I said, since my 40th birthday, when I was the spokesperson for the American Heart Associations’ Go Red For Women BetterU Program, I have been working extremely hard at getting my health in balance. It has been a huge struggle. An uneven struggle to boot, because when I put effort into streamlining my work-life, I have less focus available for exercise. But when I try to put exercise at the forefront, my work-life gets stressed. And then there are all of my parenting obligations. Those children can’t raise themselves. (Well, they think they can, but what do they know!) It’s hard to be super woman!

Lucky for me my friends at Nintendo seem to understand my plight. In addition to all of the Wii workout items they also sent me not just one workout bag and yoga mat, but two to encourage me to find a workout buddy. Not a bad idea. It can really help to have someone around to cheer you on, push you a little farther, but also just be good sweaty company.

41 days and counting till I turn 42. So, who wants to be my workout buddy? Let’s get #NintendoEnthused so we don’t just get older, we get better!

Are you working on improving your health? What steps are you taking? I can use all of the suggestions I can get.




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  1. Miss Lori says:

    I agree with you Andrea, the Wii is the best rainy day blues buster!



  2. Wow!!  That is an awesome package to get at your door!!! My family loves the Wii.  It’s a great way to play and to do something active together on those gray, rainy days.