Miss Lori earned her invite to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Three weeks from today my kids and I are going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida! How? Well, once again social media is serving as an awesome parenting partner for me. In February I received the golden ticket of the social media sphere giving me the opportunity to include my kids in the work that I do, an invitation to attend the glorious Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

You may have seen mentions about it on twitter. The hashtag (#DisneySMmoms) for the event has been going strong since the very first conference in 2010! I had the great fortune to attend that conference, made all the more memorable because I was able to share that with my children too. For my girls it was their first trip. My son had his first visit at age 3, so it was practically his first trip as well. The experience was even more monumental because my youngest daughter was sick. She had been for a year already at the time. Jaedyn went through so much during that time; doctor visits, procedures, needle sticks and more. I was desperate to find ways to lift her spirit, (all of our spirits really). That invitation couldn’t have come at a better time. It was truly magical.

Now, two years later, I am thrilled to say that Jaedyn is better. She had surgery a year ago and has been thriving ever since. Making a trip to Disney now, with her well, means the World to me. This trip is also special because it’s the last year that all three of my kids are in elementary school. My son is turning 14 in eight days, (completing my 34 days of birthdays), and he is graduating from 8th grade in June. High school means big changes on the horizon. And given that Skyler will be in the academic honors program and playing on the basketball team translates to much less time available for family trips. The same is true for my eldest daughter KA!ANN. She is moving on to junior high, an academic center. No way she will be able to take time out for a mid year trip anymore either. So that makes this trip particularly poignant, a way of celebrating where we have been, and where we are going.

However, this isn’t just a celebration of the maturation of my kids, it also pays homage to the maturation of my Miss Lori brand. Being invited to once again attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference is a clear sign that I am on the right path. With the invitation I am assured that the Marketainment work I am doing, through MissLori.TV online and Miss Lori’s CAMPUS in person, is having an impact on the community I seek to serve, and brands, campaign managers and PR people are taking notice. That’s exactly how these kinds of opportunities come about, from hard creative work, dedicated time, and good packaging. It’s not just dumb luck. Disney didn’t pick names out of a hat, they carefully constructed a roster of influencers that they believe will best be able to help them amplify their message to the consumers they are targeting. It’s business. And business is for professionals, not hobbiests.

There are a lot of disappointed influencers out there who aren’t going to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, but that is to be expected. There are only just so many invites available. Many really amazing influencers didn’t make the list this year, but they know deep down that they will be on another one sooner or later, because this is their business, and they do it well. No need for them to be green with envy, just patient. But what about those influencers who have yet to be invited to big events. What can they do to improve their chances? Well, there is no perfect answer, but there are many empowering actions that can be taken. I plan to use the #DisneySMmoms platform over the next few weeks to share professional branding suggestions to influencers who want to elevate their game. Posts that expand upon ideas I have already talked about; pages you should have on your blog, identifying your brand, how much should you charge for your work, what should you include in a proposal, how to be BIG with brands, best video practices, and more. Hey, it’s like the old song says, “It’s not wear you start, it’s wear you finish.”

While I want to help all influencers, I particularly want to target multi-cultural influencers, because the landscape of our social media webisphere needs more color. (It makes the whole World brighter, don’t you agree?) That’s why I will also be utilizing a new hashtag during this time, #SoFabColor, to draw attention to my efforts to help you be fabulous by sewing skill into the social fabric of your brand. I want to acquaint influencers with a network that offers shopportunities to exercise and strengthen those skills in real professional time. The Collective Bias Social Fabric network is a friend to influencers of all colors, shapes and sizes. Together we want to get influencers educated and elevated.

So, what are we waiting for, there is work to be done. I need to get my family ready for our Disney trip and I need to get you ready for the future. What do you hope to accomplish?




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  1. A Nation of Moms Koop says:

    Congrats on the invite!  Would love to get that Golden Ticket some day and soak up some Disney Magic and learn!