Miss Lori is celebrating bloggers of color part 1 #SoFabColor

I love the social media webisphere I get to work and play in everyday. I am so very appreciative of all that is has afforded me these last few years. Not without a lot of time effort and hard work, but the rewards have been plentiful both personally and professionally. For example, my upcoming trip to the Disney Social Media Moms conference. An invite such as that is directly related to the success of the work that I do, which leaves me equally proud and humbled, particularly because I know there are a lot of influencers out there who working hard too, especially influencers of color. Entering this medium I had the extra benefit of a television career to build from. Not everyone has such a foundation. which is why I want to take a moment to introduce you to some influencers that I believe you should be aware of. This will be my first a series of introductions over the next few weeks as a part of a new hashtag that I am starting #SoFabColor. I want to leverage my own notoriety to extend some limelight to other influencers of color. My goal is to increase the diversity of this great webishpere that we all maneuver in. I hope that you will not only give some attention to these wonderful bloggers, but share in the conversation that follows, highlighting people you think I and the rest of the World should be aware of too. I would also like to hear about topics that you would like to see discussed in our effort to be inclusive of all ethnicities in professional social media. Social Media is an extension of the World we live in, and we are so lucky to exist in such a colorful one at that. Let’s celebrate #SoFabColor!


Emmi @Mommysfreetime


Mommy's Free Time

This blog will be dedicated to showing other moms how to find products and resources to help make their lives easier, healthier, and more efficient! After all, everyone needs a little “free” time!


Brandi @mamaknowsitall


 Mama Knows It All chronicles my life as a single, working mom with an energetic, highly lovable and super adorable toddler daughter.  I share my ups and downs, things that we like, things that we do, all in the hopes of inspiring others to enjoy their parenting journeys. You can also find me knowing it all as a iVillage iVoice reporter, and as a writer on Technorati.


Diane @Philzendia


Diane is a mom who enjoys life and all it has to offer.   It’s the simple things in life that keeps her happy.  Through this blog, she wants to inspire moms to find Zen in their lives while offering practical parenting tips and other valuable information to help families deal with everyday issues.


Victoria @veepveep


This blog was named Veep Veep because of my initials and love of cars. I’ve turned down the three four reality shows I’ve been asked to do. But it’s not because I’m camera shy. One day I’m hosting a fashion show on national morning television and the next I’m walking the runway at New York Fashion Week. Many people call me a TV personality. But hands down, the best thing I’ve ever been called is mom.


Kim @Fashioncents



What’s the Fashion Cents mission? To give the world a greater fashion sense…one person at a time (and men, that includes you too). We want people to stop believing that wearing designer logos and high-priced fashions are the only ways to achieve a great style. So if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a whole new wardrobe, you can never be stylish?We are here to show you that by working within your current wardrobe and adding a few economical pieces, you can look like you just jumped off the pages of the latest fashion magazine. And don’t worry, we won’t only show you what the look is, but we’ll give you the resources to do it yourself (i.e. details of where to buy the exact pieces we show).


Ashley @AshleyThinks2


and the little ones, too

I have been blogging on and off for over 4 years. About a year and a half ago, I changed my “family journal” into a blog where I talked about my family, did reviews and giveaways, posted recipes and talked about anything else that plagued my mind. I don’t like drama so I try to keep my blog clear of anything that could start it. However, if there is something that I really need to say, I say it.


Jackie  @freeismylife



 FREE IS MY LIFE helps readers to spend their money wisely by giving them tips on freebies, deals and discounts. FREE IS MY LIFE also posts product and event reviews so that readers know which are worth their money.  And on top of all this great information, FREE IS MY LIFE also runs giveaways every week so that you can win great products and services including gift cards, restaurant certificates, gadgets and electronics, bedding, and household products.


Sheena  @Sheenatatum


Mom Blog


Sophistishe (suh-fis-ti-shee) is a play off of the SophistiChic decorating style. I love decorating, but seldom get to do it often, so I just rearrange my blog 50 million times to curb the craving. Sophistishe stands for sophisticated Sheena or she is sophisticated. I chose this name during my late teens as a way to reflect my growth as a person and need for a more mature image as a blogger (I blogged under a pretty cutesy alias). Sophistishe is my personal journey to finding zen in being human. Using my passion for photography, I often share a mix of family stories and random, quirky, introverted thoughts of mine. Blogging is therapy and an avenue for me to share real things with real people.

I am proud to be a member of the exclusive Collective Bias Social Fabric Network with all of these ladies. I hope you will stop by and show these fabulous ladies some blog comment love. And be sure to let me know with a comment how you think we are doing with diversity in the social media sphere. Things can’t grow without conversation, so let’s get to conversing! #SoFabColor




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  1. This is awesome I love reading bloggers from a wide array of backgrounds but it is nice to see other bloggers and women of color have their line shined on in the blogosphere…Thank you for doing this :)

  2. I found you through SF! Thank you so much for this post! 

  3. Im soooo jealous!  lol Have a great time with the family!

  4. Miss Lori says:

    We all have to do our part. When we share the stage we elevate each other. Everybody wins! Keep on keeping on!



  5. Miss Lori says:

    I am so happy that I have a platform from which I can extol the virtues of lovely bloggers such as you. Thank you for your support i kind.



  6. I love this post and love that you are shining light on bloggers of color.  I have only been blogging for 2 1/2 years and I think that not enough bloggers of color get noticed.  Thanks and I look forward to reading your post.  

  7. Mommyfreetime says:

    Thanks Miss Lori! You rock!! I love the way you always support other bloggers and we all really appreciate it!

  8. Miss Lori says:

    You are doing great work and it deserves to be acknowledged. I hope you will help me shine a light on more fabulous bloggers of color so that we can continue to increase the diversity of our social media sphere.



  9. What a wonderful idea!  I feel so honored to be mentioned.  Thank you!  Hope you have a fabulous time at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference!

  10. Miss Lori says:

    Thank you for the support. I think we all benefit when there is a greater variety of voices to listen to. I am trying to do my part to shine a light on more bloggers, particularly bloggers of color. I appreciate you reading the post and joining the conversation.



  11. @MimiBakerMN says:

    I think it’s SO great that you’re sharing about these SoFab bloggers!! Woo Hoo What a great idea!